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Cetrion top charachter how?


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She reminds me of my mk9 main freddy . He was top tier too but not broken in any way . Had options for every situation with great zoning . Just like cetrion .Had tele away like cetrion . Had fullscreen frame traps like she does . Ofc his zoning was different but overall characters are similar imo .


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The fact that he can use her in any match up against players who are just as good as him ( who also use top tiers) tells you that the character is top tier herself. Top tier is defined by the meta, and dragon shows that cetrion works very well in this meta.
On his stream he said that he tried Skarlet and also Shang, but realized that Cetrion does better in most MU.
Cetrion is definitely top tier id say top 5 but one player doing really well at tournament wouldn't be my reason to place her high tier.
I consider, movement, throws, mids, far, mId and close buttons as well as AA's, Staggers, FB, KB's Along with tournament results.
We could take Lao for example used by foxy and see he has placed top 8 multiple times but many things about him are lacking besides JIK, Throw, Mids, Gap closers, High Damage and good Throw KB's so he is effective in this meta.

But I agree Cetrion is among the best


I have always been flip floppy on deciding wether she is OP or not. Every character has been called stupid and OP at some point. Some player had the nerve to call Kitana OP. Sooooo idk anymore.