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Cash for clunky characters


Unfortunately, the added characters in the PSX and PC versions of MKT didn't all get full attention to detail, and remained very much like their earlier versions with hacked in combos and bizarre properties. I know what most of us know about him, but anyone else ever use MK1 Raiden in MKT? Anything special or unmentioned? He's fairly low on the MKT Tier List but he does have the crouching LK infinite which he can score off a pop up if he's close enough to the corner. Otherwise, he's all over the place and there isn't much sense in selecting him over MKII Raiden IMO.


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his aaLPaaHP is fucked up completely.

i think he can do some rj pressure (and so is Rayden) using teleport, including karajabs and this should be safe tactic for most of the time, but again i dont play this vs other people so i could be wrong.

also his electricity has tricky hitting area and somehow delayed start up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY94aq-UlgA (check 0:03 when Mileena does Teleport Kick)

also his and MK1 Kano's uppercuts have Stryker's uppercut properties and can hit some opponents ducked i think.

his Torpedo is more safe against crossovers against normal Rayden's imo and his (and MK1 Kano's) c.HK moves are completely useless.


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From that video ded_ posted ^^, he has a ridiculous punisher (@1:43):

aahphp, teleport, aahphp, jk, superman - 72% (in Aggressor Mode)

I'd never use him over MKII Rayden.


He sucks. His jabs are fucked up about as badly as MK1 Kano's. MKII Raiden has a good male ninja Punish, aaHPHP, TP, aaHP (bounce over) aaHP, JK, air Superman for 60%, I'm not sure if MK1 Raiden can do it because of his jab collision.