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Discussion in 'Captain Cold' started by Zoidberg747, May 16, 2017.

  1. legion666

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    I Took the tech with the the attacks restanding when they hit the opponent out of MB Deathcycle knockdown animation which I saw @Hiyomoto post about and also in @Patient-Impulse 's combo video on YouTube, and tried to make something more optimal for a midscreen reset.
    This is a 100% guaranteed unblockable reset midscreen, my dummy is set on autoblock and block escape ON. You can't pushblock or backdash.
    2 bars of meter and a Glacier Granade:
  2. Hiyomoto

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    Disgusting. I’ll be using this in my sets lol I knew there must’ve been some way to use that restand in an optimal way.
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  3. 6ix

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    this is so broke lmao time to start playing CC again
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  4. It actually makes me happy when I see people using my tech. Especially when they find a way to improve it. That let's me know that I can still improve with that character. Well done sir!
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    After putting guaranteed resets into separate thread I came up with some stuff for antiair conversations. These aren't guaranteed and can be pushblocked at the beginning of a blockstring but you can bait that and do other stuff when opponents learn how to get out. Plus if they have no meter it is guaranteed. D2 conversation - spend 3 bars but I build 1 back ( pay attention to mr freeze's meter). So it costs 2 bars in reality
  6. legion666

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    Pushblock to get out
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  7. legion666

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    Corner version
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