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Question - Cryomancer Cancelling b12 into tick throw?


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Hello there,

I picked up Sub-zero just a few days ago, learning all three variations and am having great fun with him.
But I just have a question of concern about Cryomancer in particular. I find it very difficult to cancel the b12 string into his ubf3 command grab.

Every time I attempt to do this, I end up getting a frost hammer instead of the usual ubf3.
Instead, i use 24 into command grab when ending my combos. It does the trick, but its not as effective as b12.

Hope you can help, thanks.


Try to input it as B1D2 so you don't have to hurry the DBF after the B12. If that doesn't work for you, try sliding your finger from D to B before the F so it comes faster rather than pressing them in multiple steps (I prefer the first method).

Honestly I don't know why all command grabs in the game (except Kotal and Sonya) have 3 direction inputs, it's added execution for the sake of it "because potato". If they wanted them to be unique they could be 2 directions and the grab button or something (and I hope this is changed in the future).