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Canary 25/25/25/25 Mixup


Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

Earlier = non-crossup, later = crossup. The opponent can backdash a crossup but not a non-crossup, provided the J2 is as deep as possible. Also if they're backdashing you can use J3 for the same mixup which will catch the backdash. But with any luck nobody'll know the matchup well enough to backdash in the first place

Non-crossup J2 > non-crossup Canary Drop is a myth - it's super hard to time, at least on Superman. I wouldn't advise going for it.

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gotta take it to make it
Guys I would like to remind all of you that off of 112 1+3 and d3, the j2 mixup game afterwards covers every single option since it beats backdash, regular wakeup(hits them with the j2), short delay wakeup(hits them with the j2), wakeup buttons, long delay wakeup since they have to block the 2(use up to delay)1 or 3 mixup. You beat AN ABSOLUTE FUCKTON(as in, the majority of the wakeups in this game) of wakeup attacks with the j2 too it's simply ridiculous.