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Can we please talk about these changes?

It’s only been 3 days since the stream of enchantress and I’ve already noticed a couple of things that are different about the enchantress that’s out now.

- she no longer have 4 different hexes
- her hex no longer does damage
- she no longer has a far version of her F3
- her hexes no longer interacts with her other moves
- her hells gate lasts a lot longer
- her ice block restands on its own

These are only the changes I’ve noticed so far


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Yeah, pretty sure this isn't her final form. Version of her you can play right now is clearly an earlier build.

They wouldn't demonstrate four hexes and other properties on the official stream a few days before her release and not have those be a part of her kit.

No real reason to practice with her yet, until the patch updates her.

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They mentioned specifically there is a patch coming with her implementation on release day. So this is obviously a beta version of her right now.


So is she available for some ppl already or what??

On PC we will probably have to wait next week. :(