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Discussion in 'Rain' started by Smarrgasm, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Smarrgasm

    Smarrgasm What's a Smarrgasm?
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    BYS Smarr
    Rain is the only ninja who doesnt have a klassic or Mk3 costume. Im not saying i dont like his regular costume. I just want something new and exciting. Is that too much to ask?
  2. FrothyOmen

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  3. greeneless

    greeneless Noob

    Dude stop asking for buffs.
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  4. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    buy the vita , problem solved :cool:
    only just over 300 is all its gonna cost you :confused:
  5. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator
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    Ding! Problem solved.

    But yea, it would be nice to see more costumes for all the characters, especially the DLC 4 and others, especially male/female ninjas.
  6. Smarrgasm

    Smarrgasm What's a Smarrgasm?
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    BYS Smarr
    And then ill have to only be able to play on wifi :D
  7. totheark

    totheark Noob

    With MK9's net code, that's a plus.
  8. Espio

    Espio Boogie Back!

    Maybe he'll get an alternate and a klassic costume in Komplete edition or something...but I wouldn't bank on it...

    Your sig is hilarious...that is all.
  9. Smarrgasm

    Smarrgasm What's a Smarrgasm?
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    BYS Smarr
    That's all IniquityDM man. His sigs are amazing.
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  10. Espio

    Espio Boogie Back!

    I love IniquityDM , he's wonderfully brilliant.
  11. Nemesis240

    Nemesis240 yeah that's me in a Rain costume :p

    I aint spendin $360+ for no klassic skin. Nrs just needs to release a costume pack 2. Easy pallet swap costumes. Thats all, umk3 ninjas and mk2 mileena :)
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  12. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    I'm going to rage if that suit never comes. I mean, it has to ... doesn't it?

    The PSP can keep their other 14 new skins; I'll pay damn near any price for a sexy Rain alternate costume (true alternate hopefully without a ponytail and perhaps wearing that sweet cape from MK: Armageddon) and his UMK3 ninja suit. That's it. They can keep whoever elses; I likely won't use them unless it's UMK3 Ermac, Robert Englund Freddy, a Johnny Cage alternate (MK1?) or a true UMK3 Jax (<-- You know it'd be rad).

    But my guesses for what the other 15 alternates are besides Rain's UMK3 suit are ...

    UMK3 Sub-Zero (Masked)
    UMK3 Scorpion
    UMK3 Ermac
    UMK3 Reptile
    UMK3 Smoke
    UMK3 Rain
    UMK3 Noob Saibot
    Alternate Cyber Sub Zero
    Alternate Kenshi
    Alternate Skarlet
    Alternate Rain
    Alternate Freddy (Perhaps when he wasn't so burnt up)
    MK2 Mileena
    MK2 Skarlet
    MK3 Skarlet
    ... uh another alternate for Rain? Do it!!
  13. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines

    Ed Boon hates rain players
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