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Question - Cyber Sub-Zero Can Someone Explain This?


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So I looked further into this and yes if the opponent crouch blocks they get launched.

But if they get caught not blocking while standing it still causes the knockdown.

I still think this is a little off. If I hit the opponent crouching or standing it should launch either way.
Just from watching the video, like stated above, it's a just in case situation, It seems to me that the hit stun from the jip after them being frozen could potentially have a different hit advantage or different properties for a reason that hasn't been discovered yet, possibly a bug, but it's weird, not to say CSZ didn't screwed way harder then necessary, he had some dumb stuff but he wasn't the only one and it was over done to all of the borgs and plenty of other characters as well. But the idea of this "vortex" seems pretty deadly to me, not that a metered vortex is prepatch Alien or something but I could see why NRS would say, if they're frozen, a little bit of time should pass before they're could eat a weird overhead launcher/backdash whatever you want to call it. That's just how I see it, I don't think it would be broken but it's weird that it doesn't launch after the first combo is over, but I get why it would be prohibited as a precaution.

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The reaction from the jump in punch keeps the internal combo counter going even though it's not a true combo. It will remember the early NJP as long as they're in that JIP stumbling back reaction. The reason them ducking behaves differently is that the duck breaks out of the reaction. This is not a bug it's how the game engine works.