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I had just talked about how imperative I think it is for Subzero to get Deep Freeze and Kreeping Ice, and then the news dropped yesterday that they are sticking to default variations for release.

Got my fingers crossed now... Hope that his good moves aren't saddled with totally useless moves.

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As one of the few stubborn Cryos out there that actually fell on the "die by the effectiveness of lacking ONE move" I'm happy with this lol.

That said, I miss the creativity, or at least versatility, his Cryomancer and I2 arsenal had.

Granted that probably they kept hammer moves for Shao Kahn and Daggers for Frost, but he could still have had swords, maces (it was showcased on the science of mortal kombat videos that ice makes good blunt weapons but is crappy for axes) and even spears (he uses a spear for a fatality). Having the entire ice arsenal being just axes (good bye Nightwolf) after we've been treated to so much variety in the past look a bit boring.

His third kustom item could've been a bit more original too (which again would've been solved with another ice weapon).

That said, I like how ice is implemented on most of his moves. His short hop attack, the stomp kick, the kustom low move which is something I wanted for him since MKX Cyber Sub used it (would also loved to see his giant icicle moves)... he even has a diagonal air projectile (I'm a sucker for diagonal air projectiles for some reason and my characters never have them).

I hope they either retract from the "only preset variations" or make a gazillion of them so at the end they cover almost all permutations, because I don't want to stick with moves I don't want just to be able to use moves I like.
Like, I want kreeping ice, but don't really want a move like deep freeze that takes up 2 slots. So I agree with you there.

Also I think his custom items could have been: mask, weapons (and not just axes, literally tons of different ice weapons to choose from), and arms instead of something on his hip that he never even uses.

The biggest reason I'm not feeling him is that his moves just don't look all that flashy like most of the other characters in the game. Like, I feel like they could do so much more with ice powers and sub just always ends up being generic af.

Like how Cetrion and Kung Lao have these like orbiting moves around them (rocks and hats) that damage or keep opponents in place... why doesn't Sub have some type of swirling blizzard around himself or the enemy type of move? That would be so sick!!! It could slow down their movement if it's whirling around sub or keep them in place if it's whirling around them.


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He was my first character ever and I always play him in some capacity; he has a lot of competition this time around though. Will definitely give him a good go at some point but probably not right out the gate.
I agree that they should've gave him another weapon, I was hoping for his Cyber sub Sword which is my favorite.

I'll miss his klone but to be frank, I only liked it in IJ2, never been a fan of it before that.

And again, I agree with the deception skin being in the game, they gotta bring it back.

I'll be maining him along with Liu and Kotal.
Sub is my favorite character and finally I'll use him. I did not like the clone and his brain dead approach. It was insulting to my brain trying to use that move.
But know he looks way more in the way that mk1 and 2 sub was....and this is my sub.
Im gona use raiden and liu kang as well. All of them look badass af in this game.