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*Calling all Canada Regional players!* Please list your names!


Dropping Combos like a MotherFucker!
SilverKeyMan - Stettler, Alberta

Would go to Edmonton or Calgary for a tournament, weather and workload permitting.


Dropping Combos like a MotherFucker!
Huh... I actually lived in Abbotsford a few years ago. You can actually get to Vancouver in 30min? Damn... how fast are you driving?
burzy306 ; xbl gt

regina, saskatchewan

would travel all over canada for tournaments. (family just moved to london, so i'm fairly sure i'd be able to make it to toronto)
I see a lot of names here that should have been showing up for the Toronto tournaments.

ArchMagus 88 - Hamilton, Ontario


TYM White Knight
TakeAChance -
Prince Edward Island

I am shocked to learn that JennyCage is from New Brunswick...ROAD TRIP!


psn - MashPotatoStatue
Vancouver B.C.
go canada!!!!!!
Add me on my PSN Karefoot and my VITA-only PSN account is Safefoot

Top 40 PSN, Top 10 VITA (I promise), Stryker main.

edit: POWERFUL POTATO; we need too do casuals tonight. Sorry I lack a phone PM me here or add me on Facebook than I will hook up the deets where I live. Peace and chicken grease fellow canuckleheads.