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Button layout for DualShock for vs Hori fight commander.


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What up yall, so straight to the point, I got a Hori Fight Commander controller for PS4 which has six face button 1,2,3,4 plus R1 and R2. The controller is great to use and I know I can be successful with it however, Im not use to it and I need to practice. My problem is that the way the control is set up, you cant map any buttons like you’d want to, only the buttons that the game enables you to. For example, I would like to set up my foght pad like this.
R1 block
R2 throw
L1 interact
L2 stance
This set up i find is great however, that would contradict my current setup for the ps4 dualshock which is set up like this
R1 block
R2 stance
L1 interact
This little change makes a world of difference as My brain cant handle knowing two inputs for the same koMbos in a game.
Let me know what yall think, tips and your input layout. Please