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Buffs and Nerfs: Kratos

An idea, derived from a Buffs and Nerfs thread by STRYKIE in the Scorpion forum. This thread is for theoretical discussions about buffs and nerfs for Kratos. Which we all know will never happen, so this is all for fun. This thread existed before, but was obliterated in the Data Loss of TYM.

+ D+3 is +10 on hit.
+ Standing 1 has 10 frames of startup.
+ B+2 is -5 on block.
+ Revenge of Olympus is -8 on block.
+ Helios Flash has Infinity Armor.
+ X-Ray reaches just outside of fullscreen. (Because it has hella long reach in God of War III)

- D+3 has 15 frames of startup.
- D+3 is -4 on crouch hit.
- X-Ray has severe damage scaling when performed during a combo.
Not saying your buff\nerfs thread is unnessasary, but what's with everyone wanting like +10 advantage of a fucking poke? Why should poking someone ever give you easy free safe ass damage!?


Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!
actually its not that rediculous considering his pokes and normals are slow as shit, a way to get advandage off of a poke would be great for kratos.