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Broken ass jabs


MK1 Kano definitely is the most unorthodox addition to the MKT cast, with his hacked and broke animations, unnecessary redrawn and composited frames. Most notably are his HP jabs. For whatever reason, there's practically no animation between the hits, in fact there is none and they have absolutely horrendous collision detection. If you spam HP, the hits actually come consecutively within a couple ticks and there's no unique animation between them but they will also miss randomly. If you combo juggle LP to HP, the following hit is virtually instantaneous! These cause for some weird issues in the corner, and neat punisher options. For example, vs a male ninja teleport, it is possible to punish, with some specific timing, with aaHPHP, aaLPHP, JK, Cannonball, for 54%. His knife uppercut is pretty interesting too. What else do we know about MK1 Kano?


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I've never really played as MK1 Raiden/Kano more than once or twice getting them in random. When I did get them, I hated them both lol


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you can add roll or sweep after his kick combo in the corner. idk if you dont finish it mid-screen you can get free sweep.

the knife throw and his c.HK are useless imo and so is the pause roll (where you hold block). still, one of the best JKs in the game.

he can corner inf sheeva but it has tricky timing.

the knife spin guarantee you 40% (right?) and i think it works against crossovers.

something very annoying is when you are holding block, its almost impossible to do the knife spin, because the stupid game thinks you want the knife throw...


I don't think you can get a free sweep after 3 hits of his 4 hit combo mid screen, also anything but sweep or LK after the full combo in the corner is very annoying on most characters.

Knife Uppercut, aaHP, JK, Cannonball is possible on basically everyone for 39%. KU, aaHPHP, JK CB is possible on many for 42%. Messing around the with the weird jabs can get you more.