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By xKhaoTik on Feb 9, 2018 at 8:54 PM
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    With the buffs to her thorns and fix to her trait, Ivy has become a very deadly force in the corner, as you’ll see in the video below.

    Regular Thorns (1 bar + Trait)
    -the setup is anything into MB kiss, summon yoshi, then b2 thorns. You are safe
    -if the opponent is trying to d1, you can d1 before them and convert.
    -if the opponent tries to jump, they take jump damage, you can S1 to catch them and convert.

    MB Thorns (2 bars + Trait)
    -same setup as regular thorns. You just recover much quicker. Same exact situation as the regular thorns, but since you recover quicker, you can use b2 instead.

    Because of this, you can condition your opponent to not jump or poke, and they are sitting there taking A LOT of chip. The only guaranteed way out of this is to pushblock, but you still take DoT from thorns still being active. If you play the spacing game, you don’t even have to worry about pushblock and scout what the opponent is going to do.

    Once you Establish this game, you can start using her safe 50/50

    Let me know what you guys think!

    *there were times when I mistimed my d1 and I would get stuffed out my d1. Timing needs to be key

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Discussion in 'Poison Ivy' started by xKhaoTik, Feb 9, 2018.

    1. Pennywise_SaysHi
      It's a good set up, but you actually did it wrong (the regular Bed of thorns). On you video you can poke right after blocking Yoshi's projectile, you just mistimed it by mashing d1.

      In real set up you want projectile to combo like this

      Full sequence look like this

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    2. xKhaoTik
      Aye front page whoop whoop!
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    3. Cursa
      Sick stuff, good to see this character now getting some love.
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    4. Lokheit
      Wait I think I missed something here...

      Is trait no longer interrupting Kiss? That wasn't in the patch notes... does it work with any grab animation now like B2D2Throw and regular throw? how about the hit and block advantages? are they still working against you?

      Also, are thorns faster now? I didn't think they were and the notes didn't say anything about them. If the startup is still the same I don't really think they're really worth going for setups, damage is still meh to be honest (went from unexistent to meh, so that's something).
    5. xKhaoTik

      They fixed it. You can’t get hit out during a grab anymore, but you can still get hit out of a grab during the startup. Works on grab, kiss and b2d2 grab. Idk about the advantages of trait yet. Never missed with it.

      Thorns are the same speed. I think the setup is worth it. DoT and chip at the same time and Ivy doesn’t even have to touch them. Can’t jump out. Can’t poke. Can only pushblock. If they try anything else, they lose massive damage.

      The damage of thorns is meh but the usefulness of thorns are MUCH better than they were.
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    6. Lokheit
      Good to know about the fixed hit during animations, opens the door for even some new combos.
    7. xKhaoTik
      Let it be known that this was here before red raptor decided to post his shittier version of it and not give credits
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    8. just_2swift

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