Best & Worst X-Rays to Use, Discuss

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    In here I would like to get a general discussion going on who's x-ray is the "BEST" to use and the "WORST" in order to help players improve.

    Best: Sub-Zero, one of the best
    Worst: Kabal?

    This is also going off what characters need to use their EX moves the most in high level play. Much like a tier list, let's try to form a collaborated list of the best to worst and I will update this as the information comes.
  2. PND_Mustard

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    i think kabals is the worst easily, i think possibly cyrax's might be the best, it has armour, is perfect anti air, can combo in AND out of, and does a nice 36% damage, i think ermacs is one of the strongest, but in general i think x rays arent as useful as enhanced moves, theyre good for finishing a round though :p
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  3. Pig Of The Hut

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    Great Xrays

    Kung Lao - Because Kung Lao could piss meter away and his xray kidney would be full again.
    Kano - 16 bit described it best - It's sooooo Slow but everytime someone does it No one reacts to it. It's like we're put into a trance by it.
    Jax - Same as Kano

    I sat here and tried to put a list together but other than those 3 i just cant find it in myself to recommend any of them unless situational.

    For example if you're in the third round and with full meter, both 50% health and character is pressuring you in a string or hits you with a jip I would do one right then w its armor to punish for 35% any day because i have faith i can zone you out or chip you for the rest.

    I just find them very situational.
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  4. CY MasterHavik

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    Best: KL, Sub, Jax/Kano, Cage, and Noob.

    Worst: Skarlet, Sheeva, and Kabal.

    STORMS Owner / Director

    So maybe this should be in to different categories: Best, worst, strongest (most damaging)
  6. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    Sub-Zero - Scales wonderfully. 214 xray is 48%. Very fast when moving forward. Has vulnerable start up frames though.

    Kung Lao - 6 frame start up, works virtually the same as his regular spin. Can be followed up with a combo for close to 50%.

    Johnny Cage - Parry for 37%. Guess right and they'll be eating the third most damaging x-ray in the game. Can be followed up with a combo for 50% AND a nut punch.

    Kano/Jax - Grab for 41%. Can't be comboed into or after, and it's one of the slowest at 36 frames. Still great though.

    Ermac - Scales wonderfully.


    Kabal - Scales horribly. The only way I know how to do more than 40% without jip is B12 nomad dash, jip B12 x-ray. No armor on start up and it's fairly slow at 24 frames. Punishable.

    Skarlet - Least damaging x-ray in the game at 29%. This makes it probably the worst xray to use naked, although it is an overhead.

    Sheeva - Slow startup at 36 frames. Unblockable but because of it's unique animation I'd say it's fairly easy to react to if randomly thrown out. Only x-ray I know of that can't break 40% without a jip.
  7. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze A-Lister

    The best X-Ray is Johnny Cage's one.
    It affects the match in your favor even if you don't use it lol.
  8. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    Kung Lao-Speed of it and combo after
    Subby- scaling and speed are good
    Johnny Cage- massive mind games from even having the meter

    Sheeva. Can combo into it, but for very little damage. Easy to avoid.
    Kabal. Very few armour frames, horrific scaling, low damage.
    Jade. Does not scale particularly well. Worse than a wiffed spear on wiff/block.
  9. Past

    Past Noob

    If this is supposed to be like a tier list then why not just take the opinions of all of the "high level" players and disregard everyone else like in the other thread?
  10. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    Kabals is the worst by far...Horrible in every aspect, Start up, Damage, Scaling, and if not Kabal, then Sektor. Except the scaling isn't bad, but as a tool, its shit, and takes no priority over his other moves.

    Best :x for me is either Rains or Sub Zero's. it has great start up (Rain), good damage, armour, and can't hit a grounded opponent from anywhere on the screen, so he can not only trade with projectiles but use it as an armoured move, and is has the ability to combo into and out of.

    Sub-zeros is the fastest :x in the game, it has good damage, does not have massive scaling, used well in combos, big hit box, dash cancellable, but most importanty, mid hitting and safe on block, with about 1 frame of advantage.

    Kung Laos for the same reasons, except it works as an anti over rains, where rain's has range on the ground, and projectile trading.

    Everyone talks about how good Cages X-Ray is, but any Armoured :x does the exact same thing his does and when it is mistimed, it is the easiest punishable :x in the game next to CSZ. Continued...You can use Cyrax's :x (for example) on any opponent going for a jump punch or naked jump in, and for example interupt sub-zeros 21(2) the same way cage could parry it.

    Cyrax's would be a close 3rd for me. First off, it looks the coolest of any :x, it ecstatically and historically suits the character better than any :x ever has. But thats not the important part, it has good damage, scales well, anti air, one hit of armour, and combos into and out of.

    1. Rain
    2. Sub Zero
    3. Kung Lao
    4. Cyrax
    5. Sonya Blade - Travels, safe on block, armour during entire :x, can do up to 15% chip damage on a blocked JIP MS combo, builds meter on block.

    1. Kabal - Explained.
    2. CSZ - only activated in air, only landed from certain combos, wiffs after B24, massive wiff on block.
    3. Sektor - needs his meter for everything else, wiffs too much, and in a projectile trade a instant air tele takes priority.
    4. Jade - Needs meter for everything else, scales too much, can be neutral ducked without block, massive wiff
    5. Shang - No damage, scales like shit, takes no priority over :en Soul Steal
  11. Sheevas easily combos into 41% unbreakable with no JP, and can be used as an anti-projectile scare. The best I can compare to is Chun Li's or Hondas U1, slow, but still a threat.

    I'm not too fond of Quan Chi's or Mileenas. Bad scaling, and not that safe.
  12. rev0lver

    rev0lver Come On Die Young
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    Kitana's is one of the worst. Despite us seeing a strange amount of them thrown at Dev today, it really shouldn't be used except to close out a match.
  13. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    I can only tell you how I Grade an :x.

    1. How much damage does it do?
    2. How much does it scale in combos?
    3. Does is have armour or start up armour (if any)
    4. How fast is it on start up?
    5. Can it be used in combos or provided combos after hit?
    6. Is it safe on block or provide advantage situations after completion?
    7. Is it anti air?
    8. Does is move or travel?
    9. Can is be cancelled if miss timed?
    10. How cool does it look? :)

    It has to meet allot of criteria, not just fit particular categories.

    Because if that was the case, Kano's would be the best in the game strictly because it can't be blocked and is the most damaging - 44%
  14. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
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    Sonyas has so many uses/setups. Gives about a third of a bar on block/is safe/fully armoured.
    Can be used as a 33% reversal or 27% anti air. Can be linked at the end of most of her strings too.
    Also it doesnt scale much at all if you use it before a cartwheel in a combo

    Divekick 21 Xray is 44% for basically nothing
  15. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    Its defiantly not the best.

    It is used as a parry and ONLY a parry, as a tool, that's it, you will only use it when you think the opponent will hit you or poke you after a string, and considering that is how it is used, then any character with an armoured :x can do the exact same thing as Cages. If it is missed timed, it is easily punished due to the massive wiff time. It can't be used in combo's, he needs his meter for everything in his game or he will get destroyed by most characters for having no meter, he needs it for his rush down and defence, and if the opponent has a breaker then you can't fully finish what your :x is used for, continuing into a nut punch reset.

    Yes, it provides unbreakable damage, but what :x in the game doesn't do that. I can't understand what it is that makes everyone think Cage's :x is brilliant.
    Yes, it can lead to massive mind games, but again, what :x doesn't already do that?
  16. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    yes, it has lots of uses, thats my reasoning on a good :x
  17. Kitanas is still a full screen armored projectile that hits mid.
  18. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    It has some stuff going for it for sure, it can activated on the ground or the air, can be done in combos, has armour, full screen. We all know it scales like shit.


    Can it be ducked without blocking?
    Is her :en fan lift armoured?
  19. DanCock

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    best ones i would say are every x ray that hits mid & kano and jax. the best of those id say Kung, Jax, Kano & Kitana. i cant believe some one said she has one of the worst thats crazy.

    Slightly better then the worst xrays is sindels ~ at first glance it looks to be good but it can be low poked out of (if timed right) and one can jump away from it and it doesnt hit high/mid so its not a anti air one, if used in combos the damage is scaled hardcore especially if the combo is started with b+1 (it will do less damage then a naked xray), damage is only 31 % :confused: it should do jax and kano damage. really only should be used if your desperate.

    worst xrays would have to be quan and jade, i can not understand why these 2 xrays dont hit mid :confused: some one tell me why this makes sense???
  20. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Leave my cross to atrophy.

    Best: Shao Khan, Goro
    Worst: Sheeva
  21. rev0lver

    rev0lver Come On Die Young
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    How is it crazy that Kitana's is one of the worst? It scales like shit and doesn't do much damage in the first place. The only times where it is really worth it is closing out a match in a combo or projectile trade.

    Kano's is the best IMO because he rarely uses meter outside of breakers. Kitana's optimal choice is saving meter for ex fans and ex fan lift (very effective and underused)
  22. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    WHAT... Kintaro's destroys small countries.

    I seriously wish we could use freak Shao Kahn in this game. (obviously not the BOSS version... but a normal one)
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  23. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Leave my cross to atrophy.

    bro if we could use boss mode khan id main him and be doing his elbow grease loops left and right XD
  24. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR_Sarah_Silverman_

    Why has no one mentioned Sindels?
    Sure, the damage is nothing special, but it does hit low.

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