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best platform to play UMK3 ?


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
Arcade. You don't have one near you? Play on MAME. No computer? Xbox 360 if you can find a way to download the game since it is off the marketplace.


in the fact I have computer but in the middle east we tried to play on PS2 / Trio edition.
but I faced many problems to play on MAME .. one of it , its the reloading of the game ..
UMK3 is better in Arcade (Just.. Perfect) but playing it online use the DS Version is just PERFECT when you play it in the Noob´s Stage...

Using an emulator sometimes low the frame rate and almost all the way is laggin... so i preffer the xbox version but i heard that microsoft put it out of the marketplace so...

dude: Use the MKT for PC version is just NICE TO PLAY IT is just UMK3 but a little more faster with new moves and new chars hehe... the gameplay is funny to play it