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Question Best character to fight Scorpion

Jelako, you also might want to try Lobo if you have him. Lobo's only real weakness is getting in, and Scorpion's teleport takes care of that for you. Lobo's got some really high damage combos involving his command grabs and sometimes the use of his trait. The trait gives you 5% more damage, so it's not that bad if you don't use it. I find myself punishing Scorpion's teleport with 45-50% combos. If you try Lobo and block the teleport, use this while Scorpion is in the recovery part: 2,1 works nicely as a quick punish, or you may use a fast string and cancel into czarnian toss, which you should meter burn if you can. After the czarnian toss, the window for a b3 is so small, so it's best to use 2,1,3 or 1,1,spin cycle (meter burn if you can) or even 1,1,3 xx czarnian toss. Hope this helped, and good luck against your son! :D

Try looking up some high damage combos for Lobo on youtube. That'll show your son to keep teleporting!


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' Doomsday is the answer to your problems. His trait and special moves makes him easy to use and perfect for smacking Scorpion up. Won't take you much time after picking him up to get results.

But really, just focus on baiting and ducking Scorpions teleports and reacting with a quick punish...and don't use too many projectiles.


Is there a "pause" between the block and the execution of F23? or should I be blocking, and immediately unleash F23?

maybe I'll go with the 111...

I think one of my issues is that i get too mechanical and i'm definitely a lot SLOWER in my reaction.

Not really. You can execute a lot of moves right away, but it definitely feels like you need to wait until you aren't blocking. The way you're saying works best; duck the teleport, d2, then time your next moves accordingly.
of course the day i do all my research, COD has double XP weekend and he doesn't want to play Injustice.

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Wonder Woman does pretty well against Scorpion I feel, she can punish teleport easily for 41% or 36% meterless off a d1 with 1 bar of meter and her d2 is a solid anti-air.


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If you're in the crouch block position and come out of it with a D2, what combo would you use? Or would you even use a D2? What should a Superman use after a successful crouch block of the teleport?
F23 for the win, Every time you land a bad tele you eat 45% :(