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Discussion in 'Quan Chi' started by karaokelove, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I'm attempting to gather good information for my "How to Defeat Any Character" thread. You're going to see this exact post in each of the character threads. If you would like to share your information, ideas, and comments please stick to the format outlined below. This will help speed up the process of rooting out the pertinent information and putting it to good use. Thanks for your support!

    *The information in the example post was written off the top of my head and not meant at all to convey actual match information. It serves only as a guide to influence future posts.

    Post Format (based on Kano):

    Best Matchup: Kano's best matchup is probably against Quan Chi. Quan Chi's 1 wakeup attack, the Sky Drop, just isn't able to break up Kano's awesome offensive game. Kano can keep him at range with zoning tactics that have enough recovery to block and punish the Sky Drop. Quan Chi should be unable to control almost any aspect of a match with Kano.

    Worst Matchup: Kano's worst matchup is definitely against Sub-Zero. Ice Clone completely nullifies Kano's Air Ball, and with no teleport Kano can have a very difficult time getting in to inflict decent damage. His only real option is to hang back and zone with Knives hoping to bait and punish Sub-Zero's slide. However, since his Knives can be crouched completely, if Sub-Zero has the damage advantage he can just run down the clock to force Kano to come to him.
  2. I've been spending a considerable amount of time playing quan chi lately and have noticed a few match ups that prove to be very difficult.

    KANO: Kano turns this match into a real bitch. His knives can hold pace with your skull, and you will generally only get initiative on projectiles by using meter for an ex. skull. Obviously trance won't trade because of the speed. Telestomp, which normally isn't TOO unsafe, is just a flat out horrible idea against kano. Obviously on block its always unsafe, but if you land in front or behind him his upball will take you out. End of story. Closing the gap on kano is gonna be a pain in the ass, and on top of that, when you do get in, your block strings and normals are so slow that kano can just ball you outta everything you do. Best to play safe, and use your normals as punishment for his ball. Maintain medium distance from kano and wait for the ball. If he's not throwing it, ex. rune will help bust him outta his defensive shell.

    Raiden: Raiden is a horribly obnoxious match for quan chi. Teleport is going to be the most annoying thing in the world for you, and theres no really good way to punish raiden for tele when you're quan chi.

    I'm too lazy to type anymore. I'll be back later. I have much more to say.
  3. Lyuben

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    I think Sub-Zero is a tough match up for Crunchy. He can TOTALLY shut down his air drop game.

    Drop a clone, low block behind it. If he drops on top. Punish. If infront, he gets frozen. If behind then he gets punished still because for some raisin low block stuffs his behind air drop.

    If Crunchy tries to projectile you? Then projectile back. A trade will be always in sub-zeros interest as he will punsih you very strongly.

    He has nothing to scare sub zero with. He might get lucky if he trances him while sub zero is making a clone but aside from that, he and his poor wake up game allow sub zero to keep pushing while he is in. All I can recommend for the matchup is to delay your wake up and try to use your super fast uppercut. Also try to time it so that you interrupt sub's block strings. Most start high so you can quickly uppercut if you are qui-gon of course.
  4. Robotic

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    I'll defer this question to REO who already answered it in his Quan Chi Matchup thread: His worst matchup is Cyber Sub 1-9. Details? Check out REO's thread.

    PANDEMlC El Psy Congroo

    So Quan Chi has no even match ups or good matchups? lol
  6. General M2Dave

    Good match ups: vs. nobody

    Even match ups: vs. Quan Chi

    Bad match ups: vs. everybody else

    In all seriousness, perhaps he can do some damage to Sheeva, Baraka, and Stryker. Other than that, what is he going to do vs. the likes of Kung Lao, Reptile, and Nightwolf? He is going to get rushed until he dies. Quan Chi has some solid meter related strategies. The problem is that he spends all of his meter on combo breakers because his defense is nonexistent. What is NRS's answer for Quan Chi, you ask? Buff Sub Zero, of course. What a joke.
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    You guys need to see Mutton Chopz's Quan Chi. Quan Chi has always been an easy win for me, but Mutton Chopz flawlessed my ass with the most ridiculous Quan Chi I'd ever seen. I had no idea how to fight that shit. I think, when played like that, Quan Chi should have a number of positive matchups. It could just be that I was up against a strategy I was not prepared for, but from what I could tell I was witnessing some of his hidden potential.
  8. spongebob

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    Quan's great against the unexperienced - especially randoms online. Jp b21 b21 b11 trance jp 21 ex skull, blocked jp b3 1+2 b11 trance 11 sky drop, throw and w/e = gg's. People also barely ever block the 2nd hit of f21 lol.

    Thing is once people get in and start the pressure Quan has no answer. Once a KL or a Cage is in on you then your done. And on wakeup he might as well be Quan-free. Quan definately has matchups in his favour but loses horribly to pressure.
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    OK, as bad as Raiden is for Quan, he's nothing compared to Liu Kang. Sure, other characters have great pressure like Cage or KL, but Quan CAN get out. By jumping or trying to down poke his way out. Kang, not a chance because his F1 2 poke takes him forward like 4 million miles. Quan has to sit there and just take it and die.
  10. Well since the other thread that pretty much asked "What can Quan Chi do about KL?" was closed for absolutely no reason other than "People need to stop talking shit about KL" apparently, what can Crunchy do about him? Seriously? He's the only one I have trouble with outside of Raiden, of course. What's the game plan against him?
  11. Under_The_Mayo

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    Somehow I don't have nearly as much trouble against Kung Lao. Uppercuts take down his teleports. Trading trances with his projectiles gives Quan the advantage. There's enough time after a blocked close low hat to D4 and get out. Save up your meter for when you get in and use your EX Runes, and then as he's stunned go for a mix up or a guaranteed throw. Don't stay close to him for too long, and if you keep at mid screen your trances can put some fear into him and he won't be bouncing around the screen like the lunatic he is.
  12. See, that's good advice. In the thread that got closed, the accompanying messages was.

    "Read the guides more. Play the game more."

    Likewise, I don't really have any trouble with cyber sub, regular sub, or kano. Different play styles I suppose. I'll try out your advice on KL, thanks.
  13. You have to be deep inside the brain stem to win with Quan Chi against a really good opponent. On higher level gameplay, he's exposed for what he is, mostly crap. Just have to build meter and wait for someone to block a 2,1. Enhanced disco zap is really the only thing that makes him a competitor. Everything outside of that is for trolling and spacing purposes.

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