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Tech - Jason Voorhees Beating Reversed Controls as Jason (Finding your controls AND Universal Armored OS)


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Hello everyone, today I bring you a tutorial on how to find your inputs when they are reversed as Jason, as well as a universal armored OS for him.

What are the reversed inputs?

Credit to SonicFox for posting the reversed inputs during Kombat Cup after his match vs Cycl6ne during Week 10. He did a Jason mirror and after the match posted the reversed control patterns in the chat, saying, "I only need to find 1 input and I'm good". I screenshot the chat cause I never knew the reversed controls and I knew that would come in handy later. I'm sure it was found elsewhere but for me that's how I found out. So thank you Sonic.

There are 3 combinations (following the regular 1,2,3,4 pattern):

How should I find my inputs?

Your best option is to crouch (holding up, directions are also reversed) and hit your regular 2 button. This is because according to the reversed control schemes above, your 2 button will never be an uppercut, and doing a crouched normal in the 2 position will give a different crouched normal, all which recover faster than your uppercut, making this reliable. Then deduce which reversed control pattern you have.
So say you hit crouch 2, and you performed what would usually be your crouched 4. Your control scheme would then be 3,4,2,1.

Universal Armored Option Select as Jason

When your controls are reversed, performing the input EX UFB4 will give an armored attack regardless of how your controls are reversed and this works for all his variations. For Unstoppable/Relentless, you'll get EX Clothesline/Squeeze/Backbreaker, and for Slasher you'll get EX Shoulder/Slash/Choke. Don't ask me how it gives you choke, it surprisingly just does lol. In the video this input is demonstrated at 2:57. Just be careful doing this midscreen, especially as Slasher.



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Any character that has a BF special move can beat reverse inputs as well. All you have to do is reverse BF by pressing FB then mash 123&4.

For some reason the game will register the special move. Example Raiden would press FB 1234 and super man will come out every time. I'ts super useful for any character with a BF move.

Tom Brady was talking about it on esl or something


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Any character that has a BF special move can beat reverse inputs as well. All you have to do is reverse BF by pressing FB then mash 123&4.
I just labbed this, and to some degree this is correct. For characters like Raiden that only have 1 special move that has a BF input, you could do this but for characters that have multiple BF special inputs, like Scorpion, it then becomes more of a 50/50 on Spear/Slide, for example, and midscreen that slide will whiff. Other times I'd get a throw (3+4 input trying to press all 4) and other times a normal, I'd say it has the same degree of consistency as Jason's OS in terms of messing it up.

Great stuff! :D
Thank you!