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batman reset [question]


hit me up on psn: mr_diem
hello everyone,
i'm writing this as i find batman's reset very hard to pull off consistently so i'm asking you guys if someone knows a proper way to make it work every time..
i, myself, used jump 2 every time after meter burnt grapple but the non cross up version seems to whiff on small characters..
so i started jumping in with jump 1 for the non cross up and it works better even on small characters; for the cross up version instead i kept the jump 2..
has anyone figured a way a better way to do it?
i've seen some matches where Nubcakes was taking a full step backwards and immediately pressing down to stop at the perfect spacing for a non crossup/crossup jump..problem with that is it's still not as consistent as i'd like it to be..
can anyone help?