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Batman high-level strategies, videos, tech talk, etc. (Beta)


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Honestly his combos are all the same as Injustice 1, just know that you can no longer combo off 113 or b113 the same way as before. In the corner, you can no longer dash up after b23 to follow up either.


any chance on getting some inputs for some of the combos you've put together w/ our boy batman so far @YOMI FOREVER KING
His combos are all the same as Injustice 1, I'm pretty sure you can find some combo threads for Injustice 1 Batman around here. If you have anything specific you want to ask me, just ask what to do after a specific string or setup or situation etc.

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You can't even do 123, B23, release 2 trait bats, J2, B23 anymore. The J2 won't reach in time after the 2 trait bats hit, because Batman's jump arc is slower and lower in this game and B23 has much more recovery
Ugh. Not really a necessary change imo but it would appear the character as a whole is in tact.


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Some of the frame data I've seen for Batman seemed odd compared to Injustice 1, but he seems more or less intact from before.


The best mediocre Batman
Some more notes after last night's games:

- F3 and B3 can both be cancelled into MB roll. This is universal, but may allow Batman to get a cross up mixup with bats in certain situations.

- 12 and 112 into EX batarang does not jail

- Batman's options after a blocked b112 are still great, instant air sparkles/backdash/parry/d1 all viable options to keep your opponent guessing

- Opponents can no longer pushblock trait bats (according to REO's stream, still need to test)

- If Batman has trait and his opponent throws him and Batman techs, you lose trait

- While being pressured, Batman can still release bats and block. Allows you to safely challenge many frame traps, and if you have at least 2 bats available it's an easy hitconfirm with b3/j2