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Baraka changes I hope for in future update


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
Looking at the dash/wave all the dlc have gotten since release, currently in this game whatever about the like of kotal a release char or joker/fujin dlc, characters with teleports have better dash mobility than baraka. ???.
Maybe in early development when he had his mid fireball this wasn't much of a issue but it's one of his main ones now.

When he has to chase, get hit with f44 and chase again, throw to chase down and to end turn with -7 f44 or more unsafe means if chase doesn't work

2. 112 being interrupted by poke on block.
Flawless block gap added by design is fine.
The many characters that can low poke this still before last hit on block isn't so this should be addressed, issue from day 1 still here

3. kB on blood lunge.
Basically blood lunge jumps over/through wake up rolls because of the animation/hitbox.

Either change the hitbox to scrap the ground and capture a roll when move is active or give it a additional requirement.
3 hit in match?
5 hit in match?
Max range?
Add a ex version and tie to it that?
Kounter hit prob be too "easy", unsure if it can be programmed to trigger on kountering a wake-up hit, I know parries in the game can but unsure if can be done for whiff punishes.
Make the kB more equal compared to the other variations for ease of activation

4. Ex berserker changes.
The gap between normal and ex berserker is not the same guessing game as Like of shangs f2 string.
There is no guess u can block the normal have time to punish and still OS the flawless block on the ex version. Again there is no guessing game at play here. Give it some more meat on the bones.

Since flawless blocking makes this -13 instead of -3, baraka is coming off resource for the opponent not to have to use resource to punish on a non guess.

Either lower the gap between normal or ex of the move or make it still be -3 on flawless block and make opponent have to use U2/u3 to punish. Giving baraka safer pressure when opponent without breaker Vs berserker (after D2 KB, 122 kB, f44 kB)

Since kebob didn't make it in from the previous version of it, blade charge does very similar job as blood lunge for ranged special, make this move more of the star of this variation instead.

5. Do sonic fox suggestion of making f44 special cancelable outside of the kB. :)

If this was done mobility wouldn't be too touched as much as baraka could get in with f44 without always having give up his turn after

B31spikes connection on block on all characters.
(Maybe Adjust spikes hit reaction on grounded opponents, the difference between likes f4spikes in corner to other normals as a example)

F44kb blade charge to break armor

b2 hitting airborne opponents to match the animation more than ghosting through them.

F21gutted not being stance specific midscreen

@colt @Dizzy for your consideration.
Help a Tarkatan out.
I agree with everything you said. Even just one of these buffs could help immensely. But mobility is pretty big. I worry that Baraka is kinda getting lower and lower on the totem as this game's life progresses. And hes kinda getting left behind in the advancing meta but NRS are petrified to touch him because of V1's damage. Thats my worry at least. Most people I play still don't flawless block enhanced bf3 in berserker but when they do.... i'm a saaaad panda :'(