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Question Bad Character in a Dead Game?


What's up guys, my name is Ed (AKA ChiefGief AKA Tusk) i'm the newest member of Kombat Network and have been staffing tournaments for sf4 and marvel for about 3 years now. I'm also a member of the northeast's G4S as well. hail satan.
I was getting bored with sf4 and @Mikemetroid got me into mk9, and i want to prepare for MKX so now i play a scrub Jax and i want to learn nightwolf.
Should i learn nightwolf, or just pick like kabal?
is it worthwhile? im like in my 3rd week of playing mk9

Can someone tag BigD and Lord of the fly? cant seem to find them



Dead Kings Rise
I really wouldn't play nightwolf at all man. He's pretty shitty

As someone whose just learning the game, Liu Kang has a bit of everything, he's good for a beginner. Jax lives and dies by f413 so if the character you're fighting can duck it you'll have a bad time
NW is worth the effort.

Nothing feels better than beating up on top tiers with NW. all of that said, pick up Kabal.
sorry i didnt meant to resurrect an old thread, but i missed somehow this one...
i often regretted that i dedicated so much of my time to "TOMBSTONE", but that time has passed and i have fully accepted him. No more pocket kenshis, no more this no more that. I decided i should stick with him and my second main Ermac, and in just 2 months my skill increased dramatically.
In this topic you can view some first few videos where i play with wolf, then switch to latest ones and see for yourself how much wolf can accomplish with ultra dedication. Im not saying that he suddenly became top 8, but i just dont care anymore, i can take kabals and johny's straigh on!)
BTw, since he is dead and wont be featuring in mk10 roster, ill just stick with my second main there: ermac!)

hey guys, just wanted to update everyone. im learning cyrax. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
OH LOL and this i read after writing my passionate speech ! :D
dayeeem man, c'mon...cyrax? really? yeah ok.