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Auto-combo exploit


Maybe I'm late on this and its well known, but I just started playing UMK3 again after not playing it for 10 years and I was practicing some Auto-combos when I noticed that you don't need to actually press the buttons in sequence...

For example and this works on all characters with similar combos, one of Kano's combos is HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP

So instead of dialing the combo just press
HP+LP,(Now hold down until finisher)HP+LP,HP+LP,HP+LP...

Pressing HP+LP simplifies things makes doing a lot combos easy. And works every time..

I haven't tested this on a joy stick, just a controller..


I truly believe that UMK3 should be played as Zaq says, precise with the exact timing...shortcuts and mashing are not my thing....I would always strive for the right execution no matter what.


I agree with both of you...

But I must say, Doing Kanos combo is mindlessly easy using this exploit.


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I use to do this with MKII Kung Lao's pop up because I found it annoying to perform for whatever reason. I saw a lot of people back in the MK3 days doing Cyrax's 6 hit on a netted opponent by pressing B+HP+HK simultaneously, and they would often wind up doing the 3 hit kick combo, and always complain "I didn't do that combo." Well, no, you didn't do any combo, you mashed buttons. Players should definitely learn the button sequences. The reason why I'd advise against doing that with Kano is, vs Female Ninjas, you have to do HK, D+LP, D+HP on a jump in, and that requires more precision.