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  1. Hey everyone. Recently, I started making guides on YouTube in order to help people beat certain games. This morning I decided to do MK2. Everything was going fine, until I got to Kintaro. To my surprise I found out that the usual trick to beat him doesn't seem to work on the actual arcade. Here's a quick clip of the problem with a more detailed description:

    In light of this new information, I need some help trying to find a new pattern to beat Kintaro using Jax. Not being able to use MAME or any other version is the worst part about this. As I mentioned in the video description, I realize it could just be my board (even though everything passes the Burn-In test), but I don't believe that to be the case.

    Please help! Thanks in advance guys,
  2. I forgot to mention that this is using the hardest difficulty (Very Hard). Just wanted to throw that in there.
  3. john2kx

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    I wish I could help, but I think I can count the number of times I've played Kintaro on my hands, and this would be back in 93, 94 when it first came out.

    When you have decent competition, there's no point in playing the 1p game..
  4. I'd just like to state that after doing a test run on the arcade board using Medium difficulty instead of Very Hard, Kintaro still didn't do the faux uppercut, though he was easier to defeat. There's gotta be another solid way to beat this guy.
  5. ded

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    sometimes the jump kick strat doesnt work, use more early jks and from bigger distance. also in the clip you showed you do it wrong, you have to wait for kintaro to perform a move and then press the kick
  6. It's not a matter of me doing it wrong, the purpose of that vid was to show that the phantom uppercut used to beat him in MAME never actually happens. Even doing it the way you suggested still didn't work. But a friend pointed out that this partial method does work:

    If you can find a way to 'Gotcha' grab Kintaro, you can chain that into a jumping HK. In trying to discover another pattern I found this out, but completely forgot about it until he mentioned it. He'll fall for it 90% of the time. So for anyone trying to figure out a way, keep this short trick in mind.
  7. ded

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    the jump kick trick strat works in 9 of 10 times if done right, it just happens to be completely random when the 10th time is.
  8. Do you actually own the board in question? I've tried that method for a half an hour straight and beat Kintaro once over the course of the entire thirty minutes. There's no pattern - you walk instead of jumping, he follows you and doesn't attack. You jump at him, he blocks it and grabs you. You jump into a corner, he grabs you again. If he shoots a fireball and you kick him, when you go to jump kick him again, he blocks it and grabs you - it's completely random and nothing like what's emulated. You might get the first attack but after that you're out of luck. Fire up MAME and try to beat Kintaro without getting hit by or taking advantage of his uppercuts and tell me it still works. The only thing that's proven to work so far is the gotcha grab trick, but it doesn't seem to be chainable and isn't enough to beat him. If you can take a video of yourself doing it, please do, I can admit when I'm wrong and like I said, maybe it's just my board.

    If I get time later maybe I'll take a longer video of the problem. I ran out of space when I made this one.

    Edit- testing it again, if you manage to knock him down you can wave punch him after, jump in again, wave punch, repeat - but this only lasts until he gets about half damage before his AI changes. You can also wave punch him over and over again and he'll just block it and take it, though once his AI changes, you're back at square one.

    Edit- I think I've found something.

    Final Edit- The video is out.

    There were no small parts in the making of this, thanks everyone! :D
  9. ZAQ

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    Kintaro: Never jump kick (jk) after being thrown if you don't have an air projectile, you just get thrown again. After you get stomped do: jk, gotcha grab.

    In MK2 you can usually get a projectile after a jk if you throw it before they are standing up. The a.i. won't register most of them as being active so they just walk into it. This works on Kintaro to some extent. One of the easiest ways to beat the bosses is to jk and throw 3 fireballs with Shang on reaction. If you get the timing right every time you are very close to equal with the worst of what Kintaro and Shao can dish out.

    Shao: If you are going to do the LK trick against him the entire time with Jax, you may as well do it using HK and take more damage off per attack. Shao usually tries to stand just outside of what would be considered the standard HK range, only this doesn't apply to Jax because he was given more range. You can even take a quick step forward with a lot of the characters and HK and it works fine, sometimes even better because he tries to shoulder ram and it opens him up to be hit.

    There is also a straight forward jk trick, and an uppercut trick, and several other, less effective ones.

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