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Discussion in 'Smoke' started by Evil_Riu48, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Evil_Riu48

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    use this thread to ask question/s about smoke we donn't need to make differets thread to ask a question

    first post will be updated with the questions and answeres so that you know if your question was already asked before and what was the answere for it.

    1) is smoke bomb unblockable after sweep? no it is not but the dome will not block it in the practice room (riu48)
    2) how can you cancel smoke's xray?
  2. SmokeMaxX

    SmokeMaxX Noob

    Copied and pasted from the Smoke Guide Feedback thread:

    No low starters? Dang, everyone blocks high against me and I was looking to take advantage of that. Also, what are the best options to poke away at a good speed? Every time I try to start poking, I get counterhit because my moves are too slow... I usually start with 3, d+1, 2.
  3. Derezzed

    Derezzed Noob

    Is smoke bomb unblockable after sweep? I set the dummy to all block, and they get hit by it every time. Of course, if they roll or do certain wakeup attacks, you will get hit out of smoke bomb, or it'll flat out wiff, but it seems if they stand straight up they will get hit by it. I've tried it on Expert CPU, and they seem to also get hit by it unless they roll or do a wakeup attack. Also, to answer your question smokemaxx, the pokes i like to use are f+4, b+2,3, sweep, and at close range his low short and low jab are great for beating out your opponents moves as well as giving you frame advantage to set up throws, jump ins, overheads and sweeps.
  4. what i do if they are high is smoke cloud teleport and grab. For example, lets say im doing 3,d+1,2 and i notice my attack is getting blocked, i quickly do bf3. this causes smoke to teleport behind them and give you a chance for a grab. most of the time they are still blocking while you are teleporting. makes sense? give it a try.

    im not sure about the smoke bomb being unblockable after sweep. i have not tried it but if it isnt, it can be to our advantage :). Have you tried the over attack? b2,3,smoke bomb.
  5. Derezzed

    Derezzed Noob

    I also do the same thing, except instead of inputting the whole string, i'll input 3,d+1 very quickly, and use the time of the animation coming out to hitconfirm. If it hits, i'll input the 2 as soon as the d+1 hits, if it's blocked, i'll teleport towards or backwards depending on the situation or throw a smoke bomb to catch them pressing buttons, although a close range smoke bomb is a bit unsafe.
    And yes, I have tried a meaty overhead after sweep, and they seem to be able to block it, it seems only when I throw a meaty smoke bomb are they unable to block, it would sorta make sense of that was unblockable, seeing as they gave smoke no other low combo starters.
  6. rikana

    rikana Noob

    I wouldn't know how this compares to a teleport grab but I find myself using d2 to grab or something else. Just mix it up and not be obvious. Don't make the d2 obvious either though. If the opponent knows about smoke well enough, they will have high block on more often. Surprise them with a d2 or a d4. I personally like d4 more although it is a bit riskier because I feel that you're much more pressured if you're flat on the ground; the options become very limited.
  7. Did you guys know the you can delay his xray and cancel it also?
  8. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    Yes. Very useful when timing those xrays after a smoke bomb :)
  9. Yes indeed! Lol I saw it and I was already thinking how beneficial it can be and also tricky, since it can be cancelled.
  10. neio8

    neio8 Noob

    how can u cansle the xray

    how can u cansle the xray
  11. neio8

    neio8 Noob

    how can u cancel the xray ??????
  12. Is there any character in particular that Smoke works really well with? I currently have him teamed up with Scorpion and they seem to do a lot of damage together and compliment each other's moves, but I was wondering if anybody else has experimented with what he has in a team battle with different characters.
  13. Derezzed

    Derezzed Noob

    I found that he works really well with reptile, his assist is amazing in not only pressure but it comes out so fast on startup you can extend you combos like crazy. He also works pretty well with Sektor and I have a feeling Jax might be a good team with him but I haven't tried it out yet.
  14. Pressing forward.
  15. Radian

    Radian Noob

    Smoke can cancel his X-ray...? Does it still use meter still?
  16. No. If you cancel the x ray you still get the full meter.
  17. Radian

    Radian Noob

    Haha, oh wow.

    What can't Smoke do?
  18. rikana

    rikana Noob

    I just realized I confused d2 for d3.. so for anyone who read, I meant d3. lol
  19. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines
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    I know that you can delay, but I didnt know that you can cancel. Thanks for the tip!
  20. Fenixy

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    If you cancel Xray, you are empty. You can hold buttons and delay Xray for around 6 seconds, and then he will do it automaticly. To cancel it just dash in any direction
  21. Zebster

    Zebster How's my volume?

    So, let's say you are trying to hit confirm with 3, d+1, 2. If you saw the 3 didn't hit and they were stand blocking, could you get away with using Smoke Away/Towards safely, maybe with the enhanced version? I don't have anyone around at the moment to test it out.
  22. Derezzed

    Derezzed Noob

    Yes're betting off quickly inputting 3,d+1 quickly, and use the time of the animation coming out to hit confirm, and you'd be better off canceling the d+1 then the 3. a normal smoke port would only be relatively safe though, if your opponent had the reaction, something like lue kangs fly kick, or reptiles dash elbow would probably surely catch you out of it. EX smoke port would be pretty safe i'd imagine though.
  23. Zebster

    Zebster How's my volume?

    Oh pssh, I messed up my post, that's what I originally meant to say but I forgot that part. Anyway enough of my forgetfulness, yeah fast specials would probably catch it. Hm... I don't know. I thought of it earlier when watching one of Sebiel's videos on MK9 and he was comparing it to SSF4 and how ssf4 was getting boring and all that and brought up using fadc to cancel out the animation to make a move safe during the video and I thought about applying that to Smoke's combo strings with his Smoke ports cause he doesn't really have that great of a mix-up game so I was looking for some other kind of advantage.
  24. Hey guys. I'm new to the MK combo system. I'm having trouble getting smoke ball to hit after a 1,1,2 combo. I've had it hit twice, but mostly it hits the laying rag doll with no effect. Is there a trick I'm missing?
  25. fleshmasher

    fleshmasher i got the poison

    I don't think you can combo 1,1,2 into the Smoke Bomb.
    When the bomb hits it's probably because the opponent got up and didn't block.
    Only way i could imagine 1,1,2, Smoke Bomb work as a combo is MAYBE when the opponent is in a corner. But i don't think that is likely.

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