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Discussion in 'Quan Chi' started by Evil_Riu48, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Altsa

    Altsa Vihree

    ^yes, you can escape that way but I´d argue its waste of meter. He uses one bar per 14% and you use 2 bars to break it, and breaking it wont make him use that one bar.
  2. shoshinsha

    shoshinsha Noob

    How reliable do you guys find Sky Drop's wakeup invincibility? I hear mixed reports, but it hasn't been greatly successful for me.
  3. Malec

    Malec Noob

    block on wakeup is the only thing that u can do :/

    PANDEMlC El Psy Congroo

    Quan Chi corner combos? Seems like a lot of strings into trance mess up in the corner. I'm assuming there's some good corner combos out there.

    PANDEMlC El Psy Congroo

    Fastest string and pokes? I've been doing 112 a lot, not sure if b1, 1 is fater or not. Also it seems like his 1 jab is terrible and his only good poke is down 3. Not sure if there's something I'm missing.
  6. harryHIM

    harryHIM Noob

    Hey there. Just picked up Quan myself. Kind of working from the science of quan vid but i'm finding it hard to get a good start going when they're in my face. Whats a good fast start up that can be tranced into? Also can someone give a detailed description of the Rune trap please and how it can be utilised. Thanks a lot!
  7. ETC AdmiralAugustus

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    Jump in punch implied...

    B+2, 1, B+2, 1, B+2, 1, B+1, 1, Trance, 1, 1 xx Sky Drop
  8. Random_Name_63

    Random_Name_63 Woolay!

    To think I've been ending that with the the third B1, 1!

    New to Quan, but I've been enjoying him so far. Surprisingly dangerous.

    Augustus, you floored me when we fought a couple of days ago. Any advice, or specific threads I should read in-depth? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I drop those combos too often to use them over the (b+2,1)x2 versions. The problem's not even just that the combo gets dropped; it's that the opponent gets pushed behind Quan Chi after b+2, the 1 follow-up whiffs, and the opponent is free to pressure or attack the now cornered Quan Chi while he's swinging in the wrong direction.

    As for b+1,1 not always linking into Trance in the corner, I don't really have any trouble with it (you can't b+1,1 xx Trance with the opponent at max height), but I believe the best alternative would be (b+2,1)x2 > 2 xx Trance or (b+2,1)x3 > 2 xx Trance. Perhaps I'll test/double-check later, though.
  10. spongebob

    spongebob ಠ__ಠ

    I find 112 connects into trance a lot more reliably than b11 in the corner.
  11. ETC AdmiralAugustus

    ETC AdmiralAugustus Grabble Frazzled
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    Anything about Quan I've learned either by just playing around with him or these threads:

    I wouldn't ever really attempt this combo unless I had a for sure hit confirm off a jump in punch, and I never pull that shit online. Strictly offline combo, for me at least. Best thing is a mix up into trance, ending with 1, 1, skydrop or something along those lines.
  12. Random_Name_63

    Random_Name_63 Woolay!

    Thanks, Augustus, I appreciate it.
  13. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    After a succesfully blocked back 3,1+2 what is your best option? Carry on with a 212 or 112? Or just start blocking?

    Is Crunchy at a series disadvantage?
  14. Random_Name_63

    Random_Name_63 Woolay!

    Depends on the tendencies of your opponent. These are just my observations...

    Some will attempt to aggressively counter after blocking that set-up, and will be hit by 2, 1, 2. Others block through the 2, 1, 2, but will get hit with Trance, thinking that you wouldn't attempt Trance, as the hit confirm would show it is not safe.

    Throw works well when b3, 1+2 is blocked. Many block through the entire combo, and thus eat this throw. I've also seen f1, 2, Trance and u3, Trance work when the string is blocked.

    I've never seen a serious disadvantage after b3, 1+2 is blocked.
  15. ETC AdmiralAugustus

    ETC AdmiralAugustus Grabble Frazzled
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    He's at a disadvantage, but not a serious one. Characters can use there fastest strings to beat you, but if they don't, you win and you can link to trance. Also, his uppercut is pretty beastly. So, you can do B+3, 1+2 uppercut. Beats a lot of pokes aside from ones like Johnny's 1, 1 Jax's 1, 2, etc.

    If a player is getting pretty anxious to punish your blocked B+3, 1+2, you can try to throw out a trance right afterwards. This should catch him off guard and now you're back to holding him in the mixup trap. BE CAREFUL!!! IF BLOCKED YOU WILL DIE!!!

    I forget who asked about Quan's anti-air... but...

    Use his uppercut... to start out. Uppercut is great punishment tool, it's so fast you can punish Reptile's dash ONLINE WITH SHITTY CONNECTION.

    I was talking to BoysBoysBoys and he suggests doing a standing 1 dash 1, 1, 2, Trance. I'm new to that AA, so I need to test it more. It seems pretty sound though, especially because you throw them back into the mixup game, and a potential rune trap..

    -The Admiral :pirate:
  16. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    What are some good taunts/victory lines to use against people? I beat a very good Liu Kang player and send him a message saying 'Woolay!'. Any other Crunchy related things?
  17. Random_Name_63

    Random_Name_63 Woolay!

    "You don't want to know how you're serving me in the Netherrealm..."

    Best I can manage, or...

  18. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    There is no way, to top Woolay!
  19. ETC AdmiralAugustus

    ETC AdmiralAugustus Grabble Frazzled
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    When you win, make sure you have one bar of special left. At Finish Him, activate skeletal boost then use Ex Skydrop (make sure you whiff the skydrop). After the whiffed skydrop, do the inputs d,f,d,f, 4 or f,f,d,d, 1. It doesn't get much worse.

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