ARCADE1UP Mortal Kombat 4ft arcade reveal

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by MK9, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. MK9

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    Includes Mk1, Mk2, Umk3
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  2. John Grizzly

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    Where's the link/picture, mate?
  3. iamShorteh

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  4. MK9

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    For those who want info in the quality, they are built good. All games come with ball tops, those need to be changed, also you would prob just upgrade the whole stick.

    When they hacked the Street Fighter Cab it showed it ran on MOO not MAME. The mk games will mostly be the same.
  5. Evil Canadian

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    I have the street fighter 2 one. Its fun to use as a distraction but the gates on the sticks are a bit jank, it can be hard to do qcf/srk motions sometimes. Charge characters are fine.
  6. Badboy Takuma

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    how much $$$
    it looks amazing!
  7. MK9

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  8. MK9

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    Replace them with swana
  9. Evil Canadian

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    and naw im not gonna be spending even more money and time on an expensive thing that exists mostly just to be something fun to look at in the corner and so friends can mash its not like they know whats going on anyway.
  10. BanTheTesters

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    making a front page version of this post and crediting you in the article!

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