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"Arcade Perfect", New Book Looks at History of Mortal Kombat

New book written by David L. Craddock and illustrated by Milan Jaram takes a look at the history of early video games and the impact they had.


Excerpt from the book can be found at Polygon. Basically, it's a collected history of early games with Mortal Kombat included. It has an interview with John Tobias himself if that kind of thing interests you. It's written as more of a narrative, so it won't be as stale as you might find in another book of the same type. It's a cool lookback if you weren't really cognizant when these games came out, or if you want to go back to when you were a kid to remember how cool it was to see a Street Fighter game where a dude gets his head punched off.

If you are looking to buy this one, you can grab a copy for yourself on Amazon. It's free if you have Kindle Unlimited (which is free with Amazon Prime) and you can go download the Kindle App if you don't actually own a device.


Thanks for the update. I dont have a kindle, I have an iPad mini but I have prime so can I still get this? But anyway, nice collectors piece.