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Aping around - Grodd Video Thread


Btw guys I've been improving a lot on my monkey lately and there are some quality sets on my channel https://www.twitch.tv/sgtkrabco check it out. There are sets with Foxy and Happy Pow and Shark teeth and other players you might find interesting.

And of course give me feedback pls on what are my flaws. Some of the stuff Im thinking I should work on is getting into vortex more and overall better trait usage. Also leap cancels just wont work for me still.


Some timings:
Set vs F0xy enchantress (it was my first time playing it so I figured it out around 24:00)
Also there is a set vs HappyPow Canary and Flash at 1:48:00

vs Vladee7R Batman and Superman
I dropped all my wakeup SC's so thats probably why I lost so badly vs Sups (in case ur wondering wtf I was waking all the time)

Recent vis Vs Mr Kuznecov Flash, Also nice Black Adam from other guy and near the end CW from Dock helping me shake rust off the matchup