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Question Anyone catch Skarlet's fatality?


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Really liking what I see from her. Already love her character concept and even design, and even tho that blood ball looks weak (maybe it'll be like Rep's slow acid ball and be useful?) she has the kunai and a good looking pure rushdown mixup game, where I saw her combo/juggle off of initial lows and overheads. Think she mite mite be that alt to Kitana and Ermac Im looking for, tho Liu Kang has been interesting me lately.


Eww! lol...

Thanks for the vid. I was so pissed that I missed it by just a couple minutes.


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wow how many projectiles does she have? straight, arched, straight air, diagonal air


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If I had to make an educational guess, I would say that Skarlet and Kenshi will probably be released after Evolution 2011. Below are Skarlet's special moves along with the time they appear in the video. All names are unofficial.

Throw - leaves opponent in the middle of the stage. (shown at 1:50)

Blood Toss - Skarlet throws two knives in the form of blood. The second knife can be canceled by holding down the face button, and Skarlet recovers very quickly. Face button can be released to toss knife again. (regular version shown at 1:24 seconds; the canceled version shown at 1:26 seconds)

Aerial Blood Toss - looks just like the aerial version of Liu Kang's b,f+1. (shown at 1:23 seconds)

Diagonal Aerial Blood Toss - looks like Sindel's d,f+3 in the air. (shown at 1:40 seconds)

Blood Orb - Skarlet tosses a blood orb at an angle. Looks slow. (shown at 1:45 seconds)

Knife Launch - looks like Nightwolf's Hatchet with superior range. Notation is d,f+2. (shown at 1:29 seconds)

Knife Pummel - Skarlet pummels the opponent with the knife. (shown at 1:49)

Blood Slide - Not a special move. Command is forward dash into 4. It looks something like Sub Zero's and Cyber Sub Zero's slide with shorter range. (shown at 1:27 seconds)

Enhanced Aerial Blood Toss - looks something like Nightwolf's Enhanced Arrows. (not shown in video)

X-Ray - starts with a front flip. (shown at 3:15 seconds)

Fatality 1 - first fatality. (shown at 1:46 seconds)

Fatality 2 - second fatality. (shown at 3:25 seconds)

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Fucking disgusting. Menstrual princess to the max...women on their period are a terror to begin with, but what the fuck.

She throws a ball of blood at you...what the hell man. What the hell. Seriously, I just imagined that as a clotted ball of menstrual fluid and it made me want to throw up. Where else can it come from?! Yuck! :sick:

Also "People love Kratos!" no they don't! lol :confused:


The people who make menstruation jokes about her are pretty funny. If this character was a male, they wouldn't make such jokes. :D

Anyway, her gameplay looks really good and she could be one of my main characters. I think she will be at least a high tier character. fast projectiles, overheads and teleport.


That slow blood ball projectile does a huge amount of dmg and hurts her about 10% on use. Sacrifices health for a slow but powerful projectile.