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Question - Kung Lao Any way to deal with possessed kenshis armor and tele?


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What can Lao do about Kenshis Teleports and his armor?

Is there anyway to break his +5 armor? I've seen butcher leatherface do it with his overhead string. Still haven't found a way with Lao.

I don't think Lao can anti air possessed kenshis teles at all. i`ve heard that if you aim for kenshis legs it might be possible to anti air but I haven't seen it yet.

Mileena does it with ease when she rolls lol

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Don't even play Lao, but I know he can break Kenshi's armor off 21 knockdowns in the corner with 11212 and if you buffer a run under of say 421~teleport, you can trip guard with 11 or b1.