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Question - Smoke Any top players picking up smoke??


Always press buttons
The difference is risk/reward.

On most of the wakeups people describe as being great wakeups, the risk of hitting a button at the wrong time is being instantly launched into a full combo. With smoke, I can walk up and mash d1, and if he wakes up with phase I'm still at advantage.

Granted if you do something really slow that doesn't auto-correct, you can still be punished if it whiffs after the phase, but it's not the same as being instantly full-comboed for a poke on wakeup.

With that said, I think Smoke is fine. But it's definitely not "every single wakeup in the entire game".
I honestly feel that once people learn Triborg Smoke will be the weakest of the 4 and see less high level play. Doesn't make him bad but he will struggle the most to enforce his game.


It's unfortunate that the cyborg that is supposed to be the tricky and deceptive one of the bunch actually ended up being the most straight forward. From the looks of it, Smoke is mid tier at best.


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I dont consider myself a top player at this game, but i m probably gonna co-main Smoke along with Goro.