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Tech anti wake up (short video)


Some more of my hg dirt :p i'll add to this anti wakeup thread when i get a chance .
This vid shows a quick stand we2 punish combo into a mcmb -4-12(delay)mcmb against sinestro

The quick stand is we2-b1-we3-b1-we3-3-mcmb-4-12d3-we2 . The d3 will whiff and we2 as soon as you recover will evade most wakeups .

Finishing combos with mcmb-4-2 then delaying before mcmb has 2 has a few bonuses , 1 it make the mc faster and low , 2 you recover super fast so you can follow with b1 or 3 , 3 it stuffs a ton of wakeups .
The mcmb-4-2 delay finish you can also throw a very low air straight mace (df1mb) which is the better option against some characters ex ww .