Announcing Viennality's 2018 Lineup: Registration Opens On Valentine's Day!

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by 9_Lives, Feb 10, 2018.

By 9_Lives on Feb 10, 2018 at 3:44 PM
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    Hey guys, it looks like we're in for another exciting year with the announcement of Viennality 2018! We are looking at Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X, so a lot of NRS love. Dragonball FighterZ also making it to this event for the first time as well! If you wish to learn more about Viennality, you can follow this link here to watch their documentary!

    Registration opens 02/14/18, Valentine's Day, and I'm sure they would love for you to sign up!

    Last year's top 8 for Injustice:

    Here is last year's Mortal Kombat X top 8:
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by 9_Lives, Feb 10, 2018.

    1. HellblazerHawkman
      If Sonic doesn't sweep with Captain Cold this year imma be upset
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    2. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Awesome news, great to see the NRS event of Europe coming back once again, with a bunch of games from both in and out of the NRS scene. It's gonna be huge, I'm sure of it!
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    3. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      last vienna was good i try to come again.
      for an nrs event to much other games for my taste, like sg or mvci lol wtf?
      mk9 and umk3 are a must in my opinion.
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    4. Jynks
      OMG.. I can not wait.. this is legit one of top highlights of the entire NRS pro-scene. GG, MKx and IJ2!! woot.. I just hope it is all streamed and sent to archives so I can spend a week watching!! haha
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    5. Jynks
      Gee.. NRS really need to rethink their logos.. Injustice and Tekken 7 are completely lost in that info-graphic. I didn't even see Tekken7 for a bit.. compare it to the bright "symbol" looking logos. Even the MKx logo being black and white only blends it a little.

      NRS should add some colour and keep with nice eye catching "logos" rather then text and black and white.

      SG, is a cool one to have. It has a pretty hardcore fans and the events are always small. Almost like a side event in some ways. It is so easy to include you just should. Makes everyone happy and inconveniences no one.

      MvCI I could do without.. DBZ is basically that games replacement. Having DBZ to me is like having SMASH and MELEE.. they are kinda the same thing.

      MK9 is not needed if they are running MKx, imo.. but a umk3 event would be awesome.
    6. Braindead
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    7. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      if i come, i will run a MK2 and UMK3 sideevent!
      i will bring my own stations for this. there will be 2 stations for classic mk i will take care of.
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    8. Tanno
      I'm in love with the Beer Day, not Valentine Day. Thank you.

      Please, do so, because I'm coming, as well.
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    9. Udun
      Sooo hyped for this! Austria's event of the year!!!
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    10. MKF30
      Love how Injustice is on top right in the middle, sticks out well.
    11. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      well, i often bring my own station to tournaments so i can guaranteed play all i want and any game i want.
      like i said, if i come we can play classic mk casuals for sure, if we are at least 8 players then we could run a little mk2/umk3 tournament.

      i will show u guys the power of classic mk so prepare your anus :)
    12. Tanno
      My ice anus is prepared. Your flaming anus is? xD
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    13. LaidbackOne
      What is this shitty logic lol?
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    14. Tanno
      Kombat logic. lol
    15. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      dont worry about bitches!
      at least on my station any relevant classic mk game will be guaranteed!
      mk1-umk3 on mame
      mk4 on n64 emu
      mkda on ps2
      mk9 on pc
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    16. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      oh registration is open on valentines day?
      bitches, thats my birthday!!
      i will be a 39 year old goddamn mk og!
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    17. Tanno
      Do fightsticks work on mame? I'll bring my own fightstick, so...
    18. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      ps3 yes, ps4 idk
    19. Tanno
      As far as I know, my fightstick (Mad Catz TE2+) works with PS4. I don't know if it works with PS3. Better get your fightsticks.
    20. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      well, i have my own arcade stick of course.
      you should take care of yours.
      i recommend you a brook converter.
    21. Tanno
      Let's discuss it at the PM. Let's not get off-topic here.
    22. Tanno
      After TAKUMA's request to discuss it with others here, he asked me to test my Mad Catz TE2+ on my PC. It works with Steam games. Dunno about non-Steam games.
    23. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      thats good!
      install mame and try there cos classic mk will be played on it. it should work imo
    24. Tanno
      Sure. Send me link of mame to DL and install.

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