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Announcing The Kolosseum! A new online MK11 series

Missing that big online weekly feeling in your life? We have the answer for you! Alongside the community of Atlantis we are proud to bring you this 8 week MK11 series with weekly points that lead into a finale. Each Sunday kompetitors will enter an open bracket finishing once Top 8 has been set, then picked up on Wednesday night to finish out the week. Completely crowdfunded each week. For the community by the community! Are you ready to enter The Kolosseum?

The broadcast will be at twitch.tv/MrAquaman

Registration and info smash.gg/kolosseum

Each Sunday at 5PM ET the tournament begins and ends once Top 8 has been set. Top 8 will resume the following Wednesday at 7PM ET until the weeks tournament has been completed. Points will be awarded to the Top 32 from each weeks tournament. The Top 8 players in points after the 8 weeks of action will be placed into a finale bracket. This is where everything will be on the line to determine who will win The Kolosseum!


Week 1 - Pools Mar 15th - Top 8 Mar 18th
Week 2 - Pools Mar 22 - Top 8 Mar 25th
Week 3 - Pools Mar 29th - Top 8 April 1st
Week 4 - Pools April 5th - Top 8 April 8th
Week 5 - Pools April 12th - Top 8 April 15th
Week 6 - Pools April 19th - Top 8 April 22nd
Week 7 - Pools April 26th - Top 8 April 29th
Week 8 - Pools May 3rd - Top 8 May 6th

Top 8 in Points Finale - May 10th

Partnered with Matcherino anyone can support the prize pool that the players will be competing for during the finale. If stretch goals are met the prize pool distribution will change and even have the possibility of adding weekly prize pools. Stretch goals and distribution can be found in the official ruleset.
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that is actrually cooler. What I love about these online leauges is that it reveals these online warriors and gives them a taste of competition. I mean Tweedy and Semeji and more came up this way.
PS4 servers are down apparently so Kolli has been stopped. The last few matches will be streamed to morrow.