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All HAIL THE QUEEN- Sheeva's Face Model found

Art Lean

Stunning girl, she's absolutely beautiful, just that's sadly my issue with Sheeva in this game. I wish she'd actually been made pure CG and pushed that creepy monster-woman look, like D'Vorah, just think there could have been more fun to be had with her design that way.

With her being modelled on a lovely lady like this I feel it makes Sheeva too uncanny-valley for a half-dragon creature (like a body-painted 1960s Star Trek alien lady), especially since the Shokan males are all still pure-CG monstrous brutes.

Does that make sense? I mean nothing but absolute respect to this gorgeous girl (holy hell what I'd give to wake up to a girl like that each day!), just I weirdly like Outworld monster women in Mortal Kombat to kind of mess with my head in that "she's a monster yet she's kind of attractive in a weird multi-limbed subspecies way" rather than immediately make me think "that's a beautiful human model that's had a fantastical body type grafted on to her face"?

MK's Sheeva sadly reminds me of MK Annihilation's Sheeva, who too was a beautiful human model (Marjean Holden), who was just "too attractively human" to effectively come across as what the games originally made Sheeva out to be. In comparison, Goro had been an incredible practical work of old school special effects by ADI to show off how inhuman these creatures should be... and if you didn't think he was impressive in the movie, all you need to see is the behind the scenes footage to see how truly brilliant that effects work really was:

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Sheeva looks like a female bodybuilder that's on steroids in MK11. I guess I'm use to it at this point....but it's a big departure from her previous depictions.