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Actual vs. ideal MK11 rosters


cyber warlord

That's a pretty sweet roster, but sadly we'll never see one like that again. I'd give it a solid 9 at least, but it'd be a 10 if it had Kotal, Shinnok, Havik and Reiko. I get that you're just focusing on MK 1-4, though.


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Okay, so I sat down and played around with the roster maker, and this is what I came up with! Bear in mind that it's not made to be ideal for everyone, but something I would like to see. I even kept out some of my personal favourites, as I didn't think they would fit into the roster.


The main roster would have:
- Scorpion
- Sub-Zero
- Fujin
- Cassie
- Liu Kang
- Kitana
- Kenshi
- Takeda
- Reiko
- Rain
- Jade
- Taven
- Sareena
- Cyrax
- Skarlet
- Baraka
- Kabal
- Sindel
- Kotal Kahn
- Noob
- Enenra (Smoke)
- D'vorah
- Raiden
- Shang Tsung (Secret Character)
- Geras


Including 2 Kombat Packs with 6 DLC characters each + Pre-order Bonus character:
- Johnny
- Sonya
- Sektor
- Kano
- Kung Lao
- Mileena
- Erron Black
- Reptile
- Havik

New character:
- Tasia

Guest characters:
- Spawn
- Fury (Darksiders 3)

Pre-order bonus:
- Shao Kahn

I put a lot of the "legacy" characters in as DLC, as I wouldn't want them on the main roster to make space for characters who weren't in MKX that I'd like to see, but making them DLC would make them available for people who like to play as them, as they do seem to be popular characters. But as said, I put my own personal preferences in first, with a few exceptions.



First row: Ninjas (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Noob, Rain, Smoke, Reptile)

Second row: Raiden and Sindel in the sides, Liu Kang with his best friend, Kug Lao, and Kitana with her best friend, Jade, in the center

Third row: 3D era characters Fujin, Sareena, the gang in the comic (Havik, Reiko, Skarlet)+ Kabal

Fourth row: the Takeda/Daegon/Kenshi/Taven storyline+ Ashrah and a sorceror

Fifth row: Kotal Kahn and his gang (easily the better characters introduced in MKX)

Sixth row: Baraka&Mileena

Seventh row: new+ Shao Kahn


cyber warlord

That is a fucking sweet base roster. If that was the MK11 roster I'd be extremely hyped. Havik as DLC as well - I'd deffo buy him (and I don't generally buy DLC characters).

You should be in charge of NRS rosters D:


cyber warlord
If I was, and I gave my roster the green light, the majority of the fanbase would be absolutely pissed at me for making legacy characters DLC. XD
Who cares? Fuck 'em. NRS' greatest flaw is that they're far, far too conservative when it comes to their rosters. They make amazing games but they gave us a bad roster with MKX and I'm sadly expecting the same again with 11. It's fucking stupid that they think one or two 3D-era characters is acceptable - there are plenty of good ones to choose from, or even better - ones for them to redesign and redeem.

If I had Fujin, Reiko, Rain, Taven, Sareena, Kotal, Noob, Smoke and Shang on a base roster I'd be over the fucking moon! There are a few characters there I'm less interested in, but rosters are a collective effort - if the 'stronger' characters help make it work, then it gives the 'weaker' characters more room to shine. Yours is a solid 9 at least - it'd be hard for me to actually top that, and like you I left off some of my favourites because I wasn't sure they'd really fit (i.e. Havik).

Sadly there's no way we'll get anything that good. NRS treat their MK rosters as MK1+2 (give or take Baraka), a few from 3, and maybe 2 from the 3D era. I suppose in MKX we were lucky in that we got 3 as Shinnok playable as well, but in 11 I reckon we may just get the 2.


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I was Shang, Fujin and Rain, but I'll make do with Shang, Fujin or Rain at this point.
Just give me the MK9 + plus DLC roster (no Cyber Sub or Freddy), add Erron Black, Dvorah, Fujin, Geras and another NEW character if it already in the works and call it a day. The Kombat Kids are uninspired ripoffs of their parents. No need for them to be in the game when you already have Sonya, Cage and Jax.