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Tech - Stunt Double A way of eliminating Stunt Double new gap


Stay focused or get Caged
Worst nerfs were reduction of + frames in mimic kick, and mimic kick not launching in the corner. That was overkill.

Anyway, I doubt he gets ever fixed...


There it is...
Was a bunch of lazy universal buffs, forgetting that johnny was glued together with his plus frames as hes actually crap on paper as a rushdown.

Saltea Moonspell

"And the mustard, is off the Hotdog" TB.
MKX ultimate? Probably better than current version, MKXL Reo edition:p
I'd rather see an upgraded version of MKX then a new product in 2018 or so. Reo is our God Father these days an I am thankful for his work and devotion. He has explained and presented more then Eddies crew in games life time.