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A question about UMK3 (PS2)

i got a question about UMK3 for PS2...

Like Konqrr do at the XBLA version of UMK3, who can make a F.A.Q. Or something about the PS2 version of how to got Ermac, SUbzero, and Mileena and save in the memory card?... i mean i put all threee ultimate mortal kode (Ermac, Subzero, Mileena) and then when i restart the game, all character it´s gone, or delete:(... who´s know how to keep it in my memori card?... thanks
I've tried a couple things a while back. Including loading my profile before I play, and after quitting, doing some konquest stuff so it autosaves, though this does nothing for UMK3. I even tried exiting and going straight back to it without doing anything else. If I am correct, it doesn't even save high scores, so I don't think there chance to getting the hiddens saved.