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A question about Cyborg on PS4, also looking for Cyborgs

I've been playing on PS4 recently and I main Cyborg. I've recently been trying to get the hang of his IANB. However, when I try it online it always feels like there's a delay. Is it the PS4 netcode or do I just need more practice. Also is there any Cyborg user here that plays on PS4?


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
@RM xSTRANGERx was picking up Cyborg last time I heard and also plays on PS4

Basically practice makes perfect. I think the best way to learn is to set a practice dummy to random block (perferably small hitbox like catwoman) and do them untill you can do 20x in a row on each side

Edit: It is much harder to do the instant tiger knee motion online, but same thing applies.