77% + 14 hits with C-Sub

Discussion in 'Classic Sub-zero' started by NobilityV3, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    I just did a 77% + 14 hit combo with C-Sub and I didn't find it on the guides. Has anyone done this combo besides me? If so tell me how to do it because I was just experimenting.
  2. Relaunch i think?
  3. ded

    ded Elder God

    i did 77% without relaunch and uppercut interrupt ^_^
  4. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    No it wasn't a relaunch.
  5. Why dont you tell us the combo so someone can tell you if its feasible or not
  6. Scrub, make a video and give us a link :D.
  7. Kaiba

    Kaiba Noob

    Unlimited Run?
    Quick Uppercut?

    I've hit, without relaunch, 75%-80% with uppercut interrupts and 100% with Noob's disabler backfire.
  8. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    I was just playing novice training my Sub-Zero it was on the 2nd to last character, Kano. I just do his normal pop-up. HP,HP,LP,JK,SWEEP,SLIDE. After the slide he jumped then I did the advanced corner combo. It ended up to be 77% with 14 hits. No uppercuts, no relaunches, no bugs or glitches.
  9. THATS NOT A REAL COMBO! Your telling me you did a sweep then a slide that was unblockable... THEN the computer jumped and you did an advanced corner combo? WTF IS AN ADVANCED CORNER COMBO?!

    You said thats not a glitch? Bro, a glitch is a bug in a game... which would be the combo meter reading that bs that you think was an actual combo, as a combo. So yes its a glitch.

    Christ man, this forum is shitting the bed this past week.
  10. ded

    ded Elder God

  11. Kaiba

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  12. dubson

    dubson Noob

  13. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    It was on Kano, KANO! And it was 14 hits. Way bigger than that one.
  14. DarkMoon

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  15. ded

    ded Elder God

    Jesus! Shut up dude...
  16. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    Wow fucking lock this thread. I'm getting flamed for discovering combo that no ones done before and I just wanted to share.
  17. dubson

    dubson Noob

    Rain, read this:

    This is why your getting flamed
  18. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    Dude I was making shit up I have no clue what I did... All I know is that it was 77% and 14 hits.
  19. The fact is it doesnt exist, and if you cant prove it, then sorry no one will believe you.
  20. FILER

    FILER Noob

    Sometimes when I finish matches it says weird combo numbers and percentages. I have had 2 hit 80% combos...ect. This doesn't mean you actually did that much damage, but rather that the computer is somehow messing up. I don't know enough to say why...but it happens to me from time to time. Maybe this is what happened to you, because this combo is impossible.
  21. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    you can corner run-jab an oppenent to death, and it will read out combo damage.

    its still not a combo.

    Rain your a noob. record what you did or else nobody will believe what your saying.
  22. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    The CPU can escape and recover in situations before the actual combo break point ends, and if they are in the air, it holds combo possibility until they touch the ground again, possible until they go into neutral state. You can something like this happen in a demo video Lex did with Kung Lao where he does a combo and they try to attack but he knocks them up again, something to that effect. This is possible how all of that registered as one combo. If they couldn't escape, there would be tons more CPU only infs.

    Regardless, it is not a combo.
  23. Omg nice :D Was that a glitch cancel ice lake?
  24. TheGreg

    TheGreg Noob

    One example of this is when you sweep the computer and immediately JK. The computer will do a SUJK right into your JK and it'll count it as a 2-hit combo.

    This whole thread is like someone saying they hit 30 LPs and then the spear on the computer, so it's a brand new 2-hit/70% combo they discovered.
  25. NinjaGrinder

    NinjaGrinder A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

    here it is


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