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Discussion in 'Rain' started by BookBurning, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    This is just something I wanted to cover because I don't think alot of Rain players (The Few so far) Are utilizing this as much as they should. Instead of doing 43 RH cancels into 33 or another 43, you seriously should be implementing a simple and solid 4 RH cancel, here's why.

    It recovers extremely fast and makes a block string that is harder to punish than the 43 Roundhouse cancel.

    The 4 actually combos into the RH and is hit confirmable. Unlike 43 which doesn't combo into a RH at all on hit, the 4 will actually combo straight into the RH, so if it hits, you can release the RH quickly and launch them from the combo. Also, 3 opposed to 33 will also combo into the RH by itself.

    I think situationally 3,RH is another great tool that needs to be used more as well, mostly because Rain's 3 is such a quick move and if connected, guarantees a free RH launcher.

    These are just my personal opinions on the matter and some food for thought to improve your Rain gameplay; 4 RH kicks ass.

    Make it Rain. :)
  2. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
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    Agreed, this is a great mixup to start doing 4-RH-cancels on players expecting the traditional 3-4. The more questions your opponent has when you start a string, the better. Nice post BookBurning.
  3. Bildslash

    Bildslash Goro Lives 

    Whenever I go for the RH cancels I mix it up between :bk :fk, :bk, :d + :bk. I should probably use :fk :fk a lot more.

    :bk xx RH is certainly a great tool because it virtually starts combos in any situation where it hits, whether in the ground or as a juggle.
  4. Leooooh

    Leooooh Noob

    This is a good poke Book Burning.

    Using 4 RH or 4 RH cancel is sometimes better then using 3 RH, cause the lonely 4 has a better reach then the 3. I will try to use it to see how it goes. Good idea BookBurning.
    I am trying to use the 3 RH as a way to punish fast recovery specials or pokes, and it has been doing great. It is very fast.

    Another thing that I am messing with, is the d+4 RH or d+3 RH. I am trying to implement them in the RH cancels and as another way to poke your oponent. Did you try this as well????
  5. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    3 RH is great but usually I only do a 3 RH if I don't plan on cancelling because the 3 leaves them a larger window to counter attack as the RH cancels. The 3 RHs strength mostly lays in how fast 3's startup frames are. 4 RH is better as a blockstring because the blockstun on the 4 is greater than the 3. ALBEIT, I think 33 RH cancel is great for catching your opponent off guard if they try to counter attack with something after you do a blockstring.

    And yeah I use D4 RH but not as often as I should. The D4 RH is good because Rain gets a nice frame advantage off of a blocked 4. Actually I'm happy you brought that up because I want to start implementing it more into my game. But I don't usually use his D3 because in my opinion it's awful. I mean even on hit it's -2 frames.
  6. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines
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    I was actually abusing this before I found about the 43 RH cancel. Sadly, this doesnt work for me that much against the people I play with here offline. Maybe Ill give this another try and incorporate it in my Rain. A little surprise here and there wont hurt.
  7. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    Eh you don't want to overuse it honestly, but I'm surprised you were having more success with 43 RH cancel since the RH seems to cancel earlier off of 4. I'm not sure what to say man haha.
  8. Leooooh

    Leooooh Noob

    What do you mean to not overuse the 43 RH cancel? Most of my gameplay is based on using resets after every combo and then going for the RH cancels. Either by using 43 RH cancel, b2 RH cancel, 43 RH cancel and grab and 43 RH. Basically, I found that if you do 43 RH cancel and do a grab or release the RH is enough to play mind games on your oponent. Sometimes I play Rain vs Rain against a friend of mine that is studying the character as well and whenever he beguins using the 43 RH cancels, I never know how he will end it. You can do a d1, d3 or jump after he hits the 43, but if he doesnt cancel the RH you will be hit and eat a combo. If you keep blocking he will grab you or eat your life and build a lot of meter.

    Combining this with the b2, 1+2 or b2, 3, you got a lot of ways to break the defense of your oponent, connect a combo and reset it and keep the pressure. Even the b2 RH cancel is amazing to keep the pressure and keep your oponent guessing what will come next.

    How do you use the RH cancels BookBurning???? I am open to more ideas so I can make my Rain a better character.

    Thanks a lot
  9. xZEPPELIx

    xZEPPELIx Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    You use 4 RH or 3 RH cause

    A.) Natural combo so if you do no 4 RH and the oppnent doesn't block the 4 you get a full combo. 43 RH doesn't combo.

    B.) 4 and 3 create more blockstun making it more difficult to get out of.

    Thats why I think 4 RH is better than 43 RH. I'm not saying dont use 43 RH. You just can't abuse Rain's RH pressure. You're not Kabal.
  10. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    Exactly what Zeppeli said; the 4 RH is better precisely because it creates more blockstun; 3 on the other hand eh, I don't incorporate 3 into my cancels too much against an intelligent opponent because it doesn't create near as much block stun as the 4. The 3 is great because of it's startup frames so it's nice to throw in occasionally but I wouldn't use it near as much as 4.

    Also 43 is fine to do occasionally but I think that most of you guys should begin switching to 4 RH over 43 RH as your staple RH cancel blockstring; if you want to build a bit more meter then go for 43 RH 33 RH etc, but not too much.

    All these are poke-able and the opponent can also jump out with a well timed jump and you'll eat a full combo so be careful. Use them alot, but don't abuse them is basically the rough philosophy. Just as Zeppeli said.

    We're not Kabal with our cancels.
  11. SaJa

    SaJa FH_FenriR

    I think it's cool to use both. 4, 3 on block makes you recover 2x more meters then only 4 (and rain looks like a russian guy dancing Kazatchok ).
    Only 4 is probably better to make pressure.
    Imo, the best is probably d4, RHc but it's damn hard to do (probably need practice just for it) coz it push your opponent to block down and make an open way for a free double waterfall combot.

    Ingame the best way to mindfuck opponent is probably stuffs like that : 3, 3, RHc, 4, 3, RHc, 1, 2, RHc, b2, RHc, 4, 3, RHc, 4, RHc, 4, RH, d4, RHc, d4, RHc, etc... until your fingers are dead and you can't play more x)

    Here is an example of 4, RHc harass :

    I think that I will never try it against a good Raiden x)
  12. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    This is something I keep trying to put into my game but I habitually do 43 RH cancel anyway, I really need to do this though I think it's better lol.
  13. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
    Premium Supporter

    Noobish question, when you guys say Hit Confirm 4 into RH, you mean instead of canceling it you just let it go correct? I have a hard time knowing when people claim 'Hit Confirm' this or that, you have like a split second to do so! How do you guys do it? Like Hit Confirming for example a 4 RH cancel into Lightning sounds pretty hard, because the window is so small, and by the time at least I realized my opponent didn't block, and I go for the Lightning, they are already blocking again and I end up with a whiffed DB2.

    Any advice?
  14. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    That's right instead of canceling the RH let it hit to get the combo.

    Sent from Gotham City via the Batcomputer
  15. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    There's string committing and then there's hit confirming. String committing is when you buffer the entire string without regard as to whether it's blocked, whiffed or hit. Hit confirming into a special means checking if your block string hit, then cancelling into launcher. For example, with sub-zero you want to hit confirm the string 22 into ice ball. If you can confirm that the 22 landed, you would cancel into ice ball. If it's blocked you go for 224 clone. A common mistake SZ players do is not hit confirm 22 into ice ball. They end up committing to 22 ice ball and they end up getting blocked and punished.

    EDIT: I realized I may have misinterpreted the question. Well whatever, if anyone wants to know wtf hit confirming is they can read this post.
  16. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
    Premium Supporter

    Well than you have a split second to decide whether to do a ice ball or 224 clone right? I play Cyrax and Reptile.

    For Cyrax, 121, I start of with 12 than if it's block I quickly hit 1? It doesn't quite happen often for me because, the whole string is left hanging, and I have to start over for 121. Like if I do 12, well at least, I don't have enough time to finish the 1 without the string ending short at 12, so I just end up committing. Only time I land successful hitconfirmed 12 net is when I start with a JIP and I know if the JIP is blocked or not.

    I want to improve it, I don't know how.
  17. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    quick question... does the 4~RH cancel still leave SubZero room to clone? If he can't clone after this... that is a huge advantage in this matchup for Rain.
  18. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    It doesn't give him a naked clone to counter it, he'd have to crouch jab into a clone.

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