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21 Savage's Mortal Kombat themed Rap Song "Immortal" released

The new year is already underway but it seems like one last surprise slipped past us from 2019


London, England born rapper 21 Savage (age 27...but it wouldn't make since to keep changes his rap name with age)
Released a little old single titled "Immortal"


While some of you might not have heard of the artist, his music of the title of the song...you have possibly heard the track before..the 2018 Game awards trailer maybe..?

Immortal is Savege's MK themed track from...you guessed it, the reveal trailer for MK 11! And its filled to the BRIM with references such as:

"Hit em with a combo gatta FINISH HIT!", "Hot like scropion", "Brought a gun to a fist fight like Jax!" and the list goes on!

Click the youtube video above if you all want a listen and of cruse with other medias and Mk 11 itself Parental Advisory for strong lyrics and explicit content so its NSFW.

Well, that's all for now and thanks for reading, This is Mr Good Stuff aka BanTheTesters dont forget to stay toasty!

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I was hoping that the full version would be better, but right off the bat I was like WTF? Who starts a song off like that? I may have been able to stomach a bit more of it if the beginning wasn't so horrible, but yeah, his flow with this beat is just kinda lame.