$20,000 POT BONUS FROM WB FOR MK9 TOP at EVO 2012!!

Discussion in 'Tournament Accommodations' started by Tim Static, Apr 25, 2012.

By Tim Static on Apr 25, 2012 at 12:22 AM
  1. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Just announced, via the new HYPE trailer for Evo 2012 by none other than MrWizard himself on the Cross Counter show tonight, Warner Bros is giving a $20,000 pot bonus to the TOP 8 in MK9 at Evo 2012!! Mad Props to WB & NRS for doing this!!! Check out the hype trailer right here:

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Discussion in 'Tournament Accommodations' started by Tim Static, Apr 25, 2012.

      Man that wasn't random. It's just the U.S was EXPOSED to a decent Jap player who played a unique team.

      U.S....HOLD DAT!
    2. garik16
      As I mentioned about FR, it was one of the other Japanese players (Frieda) who had played MK at EVO. Not the one who won UMVC3 (though he did get Top 16).
    3. garik16
      Forgive me for my lack of knowledge here, but wasn't SCII not allowed back cause of a match fixing scandal? And there is nothing comparable to SCIV's Hilde in Mortal Kombat. Zilch.
    4. RagingNight
      its funny that people think Kusoru only won because of log trap

      Not like he actually had setups, mixup, and tech. Nope none of that. He just gimmick his way to GF and beat justin wong FT10
    5. MashPotatoTower
      I hope MK won't be playing at the same as street fighter again.
      Those are the most hype games so they can't play at the same time again
    6. rev0lver
      When did I say it was random? I said it was gimmicky.
    7. <F8>
      Speaking for myself. I did not participate in this event since people like me have certain obligations to attend to. Let's not go into details about that shall we? Next thing we know we're launching a threadnought about " why I just couldn't go there ".

      Respect to those who did show up that day, nothing was said from my side aside from positive feedback from the footage I had seen. Respect to those who even take that short bus / train / whichever to get to any given location where such an event would take place.

      I didn't expect events to be just around the corner. Thinking that would be plain ignorance itself wouldn't you agree? Tons of material of; this, other and older fighting games. Not only in the sense of fighting games do such events like these take place. It's just a matter of; time, money and the will to do it.
      You said "random" Jap player. Gimmicks are the similarity. He's a "decent" player from Japan, with a unique team. And the U.S got exposed.

      Yes that is true. About the match fixing scandal. But my point was that it was mad boring as fuck to watch. Players didn't play at 100%. I was comparing the boredom.

      The hilde doom combo was STILL not something random. As compared to the glitches in MK. It was an executed combo that rung out opponents. But I suppose that was boring to watch a million times lmfao.

      My overall point is, with MK being the way it is currently, no one is gonna want to watch gimmicky/flawed/boring BS or players sand bagging on the big stage at EVO just to NOT expose the game...especially so they can win that $20,000.

      MK would NEVER be allowed back if that happens.

      This could ALL be fixed if NRS/WB deals with the problems ahead of time...NOW!

      I'm not the guy who says what everyone wants to hear. Yes I get it..."YAY $20,000 pot" whoop-dee-doo smh. Won't be another one if more and more people start realizing what this game is truly about...and nothing is done about it.:(
    9. CD jr
      CD jr
      long live mortal kombat 9 #hatersgonnahate #yolo
    10. PND_Mustard
      im not going to continues this discussion here as its off topic, if you wish to continue do it via pm
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    11. Jade101
      Buff the weak characters. Don't fuck with great characters like my boy "JAX"!
    12. MK Peanuts
      MK Peanuts
      I don't see how the log trap is gimmicky. It's a move that covers half the screen and gives you a full combo on hit. That's not "gimmicky", it's just "good". I remember when Ultimate first came out and everybody was like, oh my GOD, this LOG trap, how the FUCK will ANYONE be able to deal with this assist????? Then time passed and no one at all played Rocket Raccoon. It took Ageo Joe to remind everybody like, "Hey, this is still in the game, and it's still really good! Y'all should probably be using it."
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    13. <F8>
      No I personally haven't attended such but I think I'm about to, just for the lulz.

      Wrong sir. I have not taken my hands off any of the majors that were held starting the launch of MK9. Since I personally never signed up for one. Next ...

      I'm sure by telling you that this doesn't concern me one bit will impress you either. I guess we're on the same lane here.

      Yes we can all play locally and yes we can attend tournaments held in countries which we do travel to. Obvious statement is obvious.

      Taken seriously? My friend. Let me be straight forward with you. You do not represent our side of Europe, that's where it all boils down to. Title or no title. You either recognize people their skill or you don't.

      You extract tears alright ...

      Oh you'd like me to pay you a visit again? Well if all goes well I should be back from a summer holiday with the misses. But the question is ... Do YOU want me to?

      EVO is awesome and it matters more, hence is why let's not launch another threadnought. If you got something to debate about and question me, then have a go at it privately and not publically where you made yourself look like an ass further to me.

      Good day sir, glad to extract tears any day o/.
    14. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      Who is this F8 guy and what is going on?
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    15. REDRUM

      they should let you EX Input Bug your opponent for a 1 bar of meter...

      can i get a yay?
    16. PND_Ketchup
      Kool story bro.
    17. PND_Mustard
      i dont know, for some reason he posted a negative status about the donation drive and seems to have a chip on his shoulder.

      haters gonna hate. :)
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    18. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa

      It doesnt matter if we represent your side of europe anyway,

    19. Syntsui
      I smell jealousy around here.
    20. Noob Saibot
      Noob Saibot
      Yo VSM, we heard you like money, so we hooked you up with a pot bonus, so you can earn money while you earn money
    21. Prinz
      I just thought, what if a korean guy comes and Glows with Jade in-between every 2 frame gap of Kabal's and JC's pressure and makes it top 4 [​IMG] I would never EVER bring up patching Jade again.
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    22. Slymind
      Props to WB/NRS

      Now the patch/fix must be released at once.
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    23. Djack
      You really wanna go there?

      We never attacked you personally, we just complained about the organisation of the European Tournament.

      Don't take my word for it ... Have a listen to the guys in this movie

      Make sure to watch the complete movie, you can skip the Dutch guy, as you wont understand what he's sayin.

      I refused to play as the ban of JC was totally not informed to me.
      I found out on stage as i was going to play my first match.
      Afterwards i refused to play due to the lack of organisation.

      I contacted WB Benelux by phone, and they didn't know anything bout the JC ban.

      I kept contact with them as they felt really bad bout this unforseen rulechanges they did not know about.

      They offered me that they would arrange a rematch with the European Champ, and if i won, they would also send me to Chicago to have a meeting with Boon.

      There was no title or price at stake, just me also havin a chance to meet Ed Boon.

      I still have all the mails from me & WB, i can always send them to you if you want.

      This rematch never came cause the people from WB in the UK just ignored it.

      I contacted you about this matter on Xboxlive, we had a nice conversation first, but then you started acting (soap bar in my mouth) in the voicemessages you send afterwards. So i just let it slip.

      Also a weird thing, the winner of the European Champ was promised the MK Arcade Cabinet. When we arrived there, the first thing they told us was that they altered that price. Suddenly it was for the Winner of the UK Tournament. Didn't really care about that, but still, it is weird ...

      This is not an attack on you, cause i respect you as a player. But your behavior is sometimes really awkward.

      The Scorpion combo you used to win the finals btw, the glitch that let you teleport 5 or 6 times after eachother in air, was an official bug and removed from the full game, as the developers themself made clear in several interviews. Pretty ironic that they didn't ban Scorpion for something like that ... :)

      You are a good player man, you proved that by winning several tournaments. I never said you weren't. But you just gotta admit that the organisation screwed up big time there.
    24. PND_Ketchup
      1. every mk character could get that amount of damage in the demo. And I was not the only person using that scorpion combo, others tried. but failed. Usedforglue was using high damaging pre patch sub zero combos, Nikolas was trying to use mileenas 60% combos. Cage was banned because of an infinite, an infinite you won your regional using.

      2. You inform me about the "rematch" not warner bros, i contact warner bros and they have no idea what you're talking about. So i decide it was too shady to get involved with. You still didn't attend SVB to get your match. Which i was prepared to give you, even though there was nothing in it for me. Dunno what "(soap bar in my mouth)" messages you're talking about, but even then, it doesn't matter.

      3. In plain Black and White, you "refused to play" and then didn't go to SVB. Why the hell should I respect you? The fact you and your friend are STILL bitter about this a year later is ridiculous and has made me care even less about it.

      4. The cabinet has nothing to do with this, I still won the whole thing. so regardless if it was the European championship prize or not. I still would have won it.

      And this is the last I'm saying on the matter, the reason I'm putting this here. And not in a pm is because you're trying to slander my name publicly in this thread with bullshit. Which has nothing to do with the thread, and nothing to do with EVO.

      If you want me to respect you. Stop backing out of everything, come to European major and actually prove yourself as a player. I have no wish to speak to either you, or your friend. The fact you're both bitter about this is a complete joke. In all the tournaments that have taken place since the games release you could have been considered quite a serious player. Too bad. Not every tournament is 30 euros away.

      now back on fucking topic.
    25. Djack
      Look up the video from the Final of Belgium. I did NOT use that infinite.

      Im not even gonna respond to the rest cause you feel personally attacked again.
      I dont wanna screw up your damn name ... i dont even care bout that.
      I just wanna get it out there that the European Finals was a 'very weird' tournament.

      RFD was a major btw ... i was there.

      But no worries, we will attend a major in the near future, I will see you then.
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