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“Fully Charged” OFIDYAN Wins Benjamin Buttons #1


This past weekend the North Texas finest clashed in a battle for the Benjamins!

Benjamin Buttons is the new local for the DFW featuring Injustice: Gods Among Us and MKX in the near future!

Lone Star Prime brings you some of the top players in the area including KH Royale (since he moved) GnarlyGatoAlex, BigMilk, Lazzlo, KOREYTHEDRAGON, BeefSupreme, Vigilante, OFIDYAN, and more!

Sadly this tournament missed out on having Zoidberg, Coosco, and RexyWrecks, but did not lack the hype of several matches that went down to the wire.

OFIDYAN showed prime patience and ground breaking technology for the Shazam match-up.
This is one archive you don't want to miss!

Winner's Finals - OFIDYAN vs GnarlyGatoAlex

Loser's Finals - KH Royale vs GnarlyGatoAlex

Grand Finals - OFIDYAN vs GnarlyGatoAlex

Tournament Playlist Archive (still building)

Full Tournament Archive


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