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Video/Tutorial - Relentless Relentless Jason - Sledgren Ranked Matches


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Nice. You're really good.,one question though, how come they kept getting hit by the f3? Is that an overhead?
Yea f3 is an OH. He kept getting hit because he mixed f44 which is a low. Not to mention f3 is also +7 (around there) on block.

Nice vid. Been a relentless main since day 1. I need to utilize mb pursuit in the corner more. With that being said, mid screen it isn't necessary off of the normal b122 starter.

Mid screen I do b122, b122, b2 x pursuit. Just need to watch your corner carry so they are far enough away for safe pursuit activation.

I absolutely love relentless jason. The terror it instills in the opponent is so funny. Between buttons getting mixed up, tick throws, abundance of armor, killing machine, b122, f3 being super plus, excellent d1, and safe 50/50s, he is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.
I feel you relentless is my main along with subzero GM. I go for the exact same corner ex screen setups and okizeme. I like that d1 check after a blocked f3 - the pressure jason can keep is godlike. I like those super armor setups u were doing too - I never think about doing that. I'll try to implement that into my game - nice jason!
Bump ... my threads always die on the first page lol wish I knew other mains to tag to post
Dude if I had your skill level who cares how many replies your threads make. Have fun destroying people period. Also are you telling me that at 1:46 he guessed wrong 4 times? I mean he chose to block low 4 times right?
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I'm actually a day one slasher main
but i've been around , im not really able to travel to tourneys how i want to
but i have won a few tourneys and casuals and placed outside of top 16 in esl
My initial post was sarcastic. I get frustrated seeing so many jason activity now that he's top 5, when back in 2015 there was only a tumbleweed in all jason forums

But if "day one slasher" is your case... deep respect then, fellow killer.