1. Zombie 83

    Shao Kahn Buff / Fix Video wishlist

    Hi guys , here's my thoughts about Shao nowdays, hope you share some comments Stay Safe! :)
  2. Zombie 83

    Shao Kahn [Wishlist Buffs]

    Hello everyone I'm creating this thread because Shao is my main,i love him but, he's actually (a little bit:eek:) out of meta He's not as bad as they say,he got good pokes like s1 ; d4 is a pretty good low profile hit ;a great sweep and a very good uppercut so.. Here my thoughts,let's get into...
  3. MKF30

    Post YOUR dream Kombat Pack DLC's for MK 11 (IF THEY DON'T GET IN)

    Thought this would be a great idea, can't wait to see everyone's unique MK 11 wishlists for DLC! Here's mine. I would be fine with 4 KP's personally. NOTE: This is with the assumption that Noob is in, if he's not I'd switch him with Smoke in the one klassic ninja list. I'll be willing to bet...
  4. S

    NETHERKAST: Cyborg's KP3 Wishlist!

    On this episode of Netherkast we have a wishlist from Black Cyborg on who he would want to see for a possible KP3 if it is done at all of course but fun to hear non the less. Interesting choices too so enjoy!