1. MKF30

    Batman vs. TMNT movie trailer!

    So just found this due to people reacting to it on YT, looks pretty awesome. This is the kind of stuff they need to bring back not that garbage currently on nick(the new TMNT series is horrible) anyway, for those of you who read the comics you'll probably be hyped for this, I know I am. Doesn't...
  2. HapHaxion

    TMNT MU Discussion Thread

    There was no discussion thread purely for the Turtles' MUs. Let's change that. Post numbers, difficult or easier matchups, etc. below. There are four turtles, so if what you are saying is specific to one, make sure you mention which!
  3. Roy Arkon

    Leonardo Combo Video - Mid-Screen, Corner, Interactable and Supermove Combos

    This is my Combo video for Leonardo in Injustice 2, I've chose Leo as my go-to Turtle as he is the most versatile out of the four, and I really love versatile characters who can do at least a bit of almost everything if not every single thing, and Leo fits that role. Here are the time...
  4. Roy Arkon

    Raphael's Damage Output is Outrageous!

    I think people already know that Raphael's damage output in IJ2 is huge, but this video that I made here is gonna show how insane his damage output can truly be! This combo does require four super meter bars, and it dose require 11/10 level for Raph's Trait, but just in case you do manage to...
  5. D

    Need Raphael Turtle Cancel help

    So I decided to try learning how to play Raphael today and I need help with his turtle cancels. I get that you can use it to combo after b12 hits, and I was able to do that. I aslo know that he can use it to be plus when restanding the opponent after b123. But people keep saying he can use it...
  6. Darth Mao

    Donnie Tech - Remote Doom-Ba "ignore list"

    List of all the moves that are ignored by Remote Doom-Ba [4]. Based on this thread: @Cursa thanks bro Atom bf1 bf1 MB df3 df3 MB db3~f, df3 db3~f, df3 MB db3, df3 MB Aquaman bf2 Atrocitus bf2 bf2 MB...
  7. Darth Mao

    Raphael General Discussion: "Getting Hype!"

    Usually depicted wearing a red eye mask, Raphael wields twin sai as his primary weapon. He is generally the most likely to experience extremes of anger or rage, and is usually depicted as being aggressive, sullen, maddened, and rebellious. The origin of Raphael's anger is not always fully...
  8. MKF30

    Who will be the most popular turtle you think?

    Just curious if we got a choice let's say, who do you think will be used/picked the most?
  9. Roy Arkon

    Who is Your Favorite Ninja Turtle?

    Here is something for fun. Now that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are officially in IJ2, I think it will be nice to see among TYM members which Turtle is their favorite Turtle. This has nothing to do with gameplay in IJ2 that each Turtle might have. This is based about your favorite Turtle in...
  10. JohnnyWorms

    TMNT Injustice 2 discord

    I made a TMNT discord for when my brothers drop. Join: Edit: see thread.