1. DisturbedSwan

    Hey Everybody

    I'm Blake from Surrey in the UK. Long-time fan of NRS. The original MK on the Mega Drive was the first fighting game I ever played and I adored it, bought every instalment in the franchise up until MK vs DCU when I fell out of love with fighting games in general. Also played a lot of Tekken...
  2. Cole

    Huntington WV local fighting game community

    Looking to meet up with anyone in the Huntington area who wants to take the game seriously and practice together. I have several friends who play but I am a bit intermediate at the game and they are all beginners. Therefor I have a small and not very dedicated community to play with.
  3. Tanno

    [Sept, 10-18, 2016] GET Fighting Game Tournaments (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    4 days from now, there will be the Fighting Game Tournaments in the Global Expedition of Thessaloniki (GET), which takes place in the heart of Thessaloniki city, in Greece. This particular event is the biggest in the Balkans, and everyone around the world come here to do their own expeditions...